Every few weeks, we take a look at the top-selling Modern comics that are moving up or down the sales charts as GoCollect tracks them in their Market Overview section. Right now, it is all Thor at the top of the charts, with the release of the movie Thor: Love and Thunder right around the corner.  So, this week I thought I would look at what else is moving around the charts besides Jane and Co. Chart positions and a buzz about a book can move fast (much faster than you can get a book graded, that's for sure,) so any reference to sale position is placed as to when this post was written but could change rapidly.

It is always best to check in on the Market Overview yourself.  It is amazing how often you can find a hidden gem at your LCS and this week points to some you should be able to find.

Ach du lieber Spider-Verse Variant

The new Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse movie is officially just one year away.  News about the returning and new characters continues to trickle out at regular intervals.  This sequel of the Miles Morales-centered Spider-Man story just continues to fuel what is already a hot market for Ultimate Fallout #4, the 1st appearance of Morales.

Just this month, a 9.8 copy of the Marko Djurdjevic variant sold for $40,800!  This German illustrator's variant is the big dog in this area and GoCollect has an FMV of nearly $36,000 for a 9.8.  The direct distribution book is in high demand and is #3 on the sales listings.  Even the second printing (which shows Morales' face) is on the charts in the #15 place.

A Mild-Mannered Green Attorney

She-Hulk is also coming out this summer, but Disney is delivering it to us on Disney +.  It is nice to see the original 1980 Savage She-Hulk #1 book creeping up on an FMV of $1,000 for a 9.8 graded copy and is the #3 overall top-selling book at the moment. Back in the day, you couldn't use this for ante in a poker game; no one wanted it.  Rivaling the original is She-Hulk #1, a 2022 book.

Fewer than seven months old and new to the top sales chart for Modern books, it is the #20 Modern Era selling book.  With a fantastic cover by Roge Antonio, a top-graded book has a reasonable entry FMV of $50.  In addition to the She-Hulk excitement, this book contains the resurrection of Jack of Hearts, who is another interesting anti-hero in the Marvel Universe.  This is a good way to get in the She-Hulk game if you missed it in January.

More Spider-Verse

With all the Spider-Verse energy, it is no surprise to see something like Spider-Verse #6, the introduction of a ridiculous number of spider spin-off characters.  This 2020 book is flying up the sales charts at the moment, moving up 65 places to land at #32.  Valuations have a big range, reflective of the quick moves in this book; currently, a 9.8 has sales prices of $1,500 and an FMV of $3,000.

Black Panther Milestone Book

Lastly this week, I wanted to point out Black Panther #3.  Another book less than a year old and blowing up in value.  A 9.8 book has an FMV of around $250.  It has moved up 37 places in the sales charts to land at #25.  This is the 200th Black Panther issue, but I suspect this is just the tip of the buzz coming with what appears to be a November 2022 release of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

Assuming movie theaters are still open in the winter, I like the action in Black Panther keys here.  If you get those books in to be graded now, you have a chance of seeing them arrive back to you around the holidays and the full excitement that could surround this movie.

It is fun to have several books that are so new in such demand.  Good luck finding those out there in the bins; heck, they might even still be on the display shelves at your LCS.  Happy hunting!

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*Any perceived investment advice is that of the freelance blogger and does not represent advice on behalf of GoCollect.