This week's PWCC Weekly Auction features a plethora of Amazing Spider-Man issues. In fact, among the 65 slabbed comic books up for sale in this week's auction, 33 of them are from the Amazing Spider-Man series, and 31 of those are from the Silver Age. Let's take a look at several of the key issues in that lot.

Amazing Spider-Man #59 (Marvel, 1968) CGC 4.0

Although this doesn't contain Mary Jane Watson's first appearance, it is her first cover appearance. And, to me, it is a great cover; MJ and Spider-Man are both doing what they do best. MJ is performing on stage in front of a live audience while Peter battles some crooks right behind the stage curtain.

The FMV of a 4.0 copy of this book is currently $100. One sold for $159 back on December 16th, but then another sold just for $60 on April 23rd. Both were fixed-price sales on eBay. As of Friday, May 5th, the current bid on PWCC is only $41.

Personally, I think this book is undervalued. I realize it's her third appearance, but, to me, covers are everything, especially if you only collect slabs.

Amazing Spider-Man #78 (Marvel, 1969) CGC 6.0

In a series chock full of major keys, it can be easy to overlook Amazing Spider-Man #78. Although this isn't the version of the Prowler that we see in Spider-Man: Homecoming and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, this issue contains the first appearance of the character. Bet on seeing the Prowler, likely played by Donald Glover, again when Miles Morales is introduced to the MCU.

During the past few months, the sales price of a 6.0 copy of this book issue has varied quite a bit. For example, on February 18th, one buyer purchased a 6.0 for $250 through a fixed-price sale on eBay. One month later on March 19th, another buyer purchased a 6.0 for half that amount ($124) through an auction hosted by eBay. Both sales are outliers though; according to GoCollect, the FMV for a 6.0 is $160.

As of Saturday, May 6th, the current bid on PWCC is only $84. Right now, that looks like a great price. PWCC has also Amazing Spider-Man #79 for sale which continues the Prowler's storyline.

Amazing Spider-Man #86 (Marvel, 1970) CGC 7.5

Yet another ASM Silver Age minor key issue. This issue presents the version of the Black Widow that we all know and love -- in her black, form-fitting stealth uniform. In addition, as noted by CGC, this issue provides the Black Widow with her origin story. For Black Widow fans, this is a major key issue for her character.

Because most recent sales of 7.5 copies were "best offer" sales through eBay, it's a little more difficult to price this issue. However, according to GoCollect, the FMV of a 7.5 is $240. Looking at the original list prices for the "best offer" sales (from $275 to $320), $240 sounds about right to me. As of Saturday, May 6th, the current bid on PWCC is only $115.

Have any other items in this week's PWCC auction caught your attention? Please let our community know in the comments section below!

*Any perceived investment advice is that of the freelance blogger and does not represent advice on behalf of GoCollect.