Little Lulu almost always got the best of Tubby in their long-running series together.  Don’t be like Tubby and let Little Lulu get away!  Look at the Sneaky Moves Little Lulu is making and get ready to enjoy being part of a potential Little Lulu run!

Little Lulu Has All the Hallmarks For Collectors!

There are many comic characters that have come and gone since the Golden Age began, but few have endeared themselves to fans and built a decades-long popularity.  Little Lulu is one of those characters that transcends time.  Seriously, take a look at this Pinterest page! There have been some sneaky moves signs that Little Lulu comics might be getting ready to make a run!

Few comic titles can boast a production run that encompasses more than seventy-five years, but LL can make that claim!  In fact, she is celebrating her seventy-sixth year in comics THIS year!  First appearing in Four color #74 in 1945, Little Lulu has been building a strong following and collector interest ever since.  With comics being published in the Golden, Silver, Bronze, and Modern Age, this little girl's run is rivaled by very few comic book characters.

Like most Golden Age Cartoon comic characters, Lulu began in newsprint.  Created by Marjorie Buell in 1935 and published as a stand-in for the Henry comic strip, Lulu made her debut in a wordless single panel.  Artist John Stanley developed the iconic characteristics that make her so recognizable.  Stanly saluted that first wordless panel with wordless single panel covers.

After a run in the Dell Four Color series, Lulu got her own title produced by Dell. She then continued her self-titled run with Gold Key Comics.  Since the Gold Key Comics run, according to the Comic Journal, LL went through no fewer than 380 collectible reprints of classic issues.  Two years ago, Dark Horse Comics picked up the character. In 2019, Drawn and Quarterly published the first of several Lulu-related publications entitled Little Lulu, Working Girl.

How Far Can She Go And What are Some Key Issues?

Little Lulu #1 and a few of her Four Color comics have been hanging around every new top 1001 Golden Age Comics, but there are some super sneaky moves from golden and silver age LL releases.

Recently, low to mid-grade CGC copies of the first twenty-five issues of the Dell series have been changing hands.  Low-grade copies of the first twenty-five issues in the Dell series are selling between $50-100 apiece.  Considering these copies are graded in the 2.5-4.5 range, this is significant.  Picking up low-grade LL comics is pretty easy and cheap.  Throw in the grading fee, and you are still doubling or tripling your initial investment into the comic.  It also suggests that mid-to-high-grade samples can do quite well.  For example, a 5.5 of issue #8 sold for $125 and a high grade, 9.6 copy of #9 sold for $2,165

Little Lulu checks all the boxes on my collectability index.  The character has an iconic artist and look, has transcended through the comic eras, has an active and strong fanbase, there are few issues in the CGC consensus, etc.  These issues flow in and out of the Silver Age and Golden age charts.  If there is ever a comic title that deserves to be recognized as “super sneaky,” this is it!  Now, it’s time to start picking up those Little Lulu copies and giving them a second look!

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