In 1995 Pixar's Toy Story changed the animation world forever. The first fully computer-animated movie was an instant hit and would become one of Pixar's defining movies. Since the film's release, Toy Story saw 3 additional films to the franchise, spinoff TV shows and movies, toys, comics, and of course a dedicated land in the Disney Parks. The impact Toy Story had not just on animation but on pop culture as a whole is impressive, and the movie deserves every ounce of praise it gets. Both my sister and I loved this movie as kids, and we would not see every sequel that came out in theaters -- even if they did make us ugly cry in our seats.

So it would only make sense that a Toy Story pinball machine would exist. However, it wouldn't be until Jersey Jack released their Toy Story 4 machine in June 2022 that the series would get a dedicated pinball. At first glance, this bright and colorful machine evokes the feeling of entering the world of toys. As this is set during the events of the fourth installment, the game has a distinct carnival theme throughout. Collectors can pick between the Limited Edition or Collector's Edition, with both featuring their own distinct personalities.

The LE version does offer a few more items for your money, including;

Duke Caboom stunt ramp
Gabby Gabby pop up toy
"Take a Chance" spinning wheel
5 Forky targets
4 Buzz Lightyear pop targets
2 Woody and Bo Peep spinners
...and then some!

The Collectors Edition is missing those features but is still a ton of fun to play. Both machines were designed by Pat Lawlor (The Addams Family, Twilight Zone) and feature art by John Youssi (TRON Legacy, Medieval Madness) -- both men have worked on some of the best pinball machines ever made, but does Toy Story 4 live up to the hype? For me personally it absolutely does. The game isn't over-the-top challenging, making it perfect for new pinball players. Plus, given its theme, this is a perfect machine for all ages. Some pinball machine themes are a little questionable for younger players, but Toy Story 4 is not one of those machines.

If you're looking at this machine from a collector's point of view, I personally wouldn't. Pre-owned prices on machines are lower than prices for new machines. This game is still in production so if you want a brand new machine you can easily find one. If you have a Disney pinball collection - or just really like Toy Story - this is a great machine. If you're on the fence on which version to get, I would go with the Collector's Edition. The LE is great, but it's almost the same exact game but without a few extra toys.

I enjoy Jersey Jack machines a great deal. They tend to be over the top regardless of the theme, and every single one I've played has been a delight. Their new Elton John machine is downright perfect. While I have never had Toy Story 4 in my collection, I wouldn't shy away from adding it. Afterall, this machine definitely has a friend in me!