In a groundbreaking move that merges digital collecting and K-pop culture, VeVe Digital Collectibles has announced a strategic partnership with the iconic Korean Pop group, BlackPink, under its innovative "VeVe Vibes" music brand.

This collaboration is specifically with South Korean record label YG Entertainment, which has several popular K-Pop groups under its management, including BLACKPINK— currently the world's most popular female group.  It marks a significant milestone in the evolution of digital collecting, promising a host of benefits for enthusiasts worldwide.

WHY Should This Matter to Collectors? 

Simply, the partnership brings incredible, worldwide exposure to VeVe's digital collectibles platform. With BlackPink's immense global fanbase spanning continents, VeVe gains access to millions of new fans and music aficionados eager to explore new digital experiences. This not only amplifies VeVe's brand awareness, but furthers its position as a leader in the digital collectibles space.  Just check these engagement stats from VeVe’s announcement alone!

A key opportunity lies in tapping markets already familiar with NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) and digital collecting. South Korea, home to BlackPink and a thriving hub of technological innovation, boasts a digitally savvy population primed for embracing new digital trends. In fact, South Korea is currently the globe's 4th MOST INTERNET-CONNECTED country, with over 97% penetration. Leveraging BlackPink's influence, VeVe can penetrate deeper into regions where digital collectibles are already ingrained in the cultural zeitgeist, fostering greater adoption and engagement.

Thus, cross-promotion across various VeVe products extends beyond music collectibles to a diverse range of digital assets.  VeVe's expansive catalog of incredible, well-known brand IP (Intellectual Property) includes everything from digital comics and movie posters to interactive digital statues, 1:1 artwork, Star Wars (Star Trek) ships and lightsabers, offering collectors a multifaceted collecting experience. Through strategic integration with the VeVe Vibes app, fans of BlackPink can seamlessly explore and acquire exclusive digital content across these different categories, further enriching their collecting journey.

For example, though maybe less popular in North America, VeVe asset offerings include brands like tokidoki, Voltron, US Postal Service “Lunar New Year Stamps,” Hong Kong-based media content distributor MEDIALINK, Pili Fantasy, Peach Momoko and of course, ULTRAMAN and Walt Disney Asian park experience collections.  The big brands have made their positions clear - they are IN on digital assets and their potential.

So, VeVe becomes “the bridge” between those items hard to find overseas, where overseas markets now have more simple access to North American assets, like Marvel Comics, DC Superman or Star Wars digital collectibles.


I'll avoid going deep into what the digital assets entail, but I encourage you to easily learn more by visiting the VeVe BlackPink release page at that also includes information on what the drop entails & how to participate. (NOTE - if you are new to digital collecting, or VeVe, here is a great YouTube on how to easily get started, with NO crypto knowledge required at all: What Is VeVe? A Quick Guide).

For now, you can pick up a licensed digital collectible for each member, which qualifies you for special crafting (digital minting), air drop and other potential goodies down the road (maybe live digital concerts as seen by Fortnite players, adding tracks or playlists and so forth). Assuming BlackPink fans ("Blinks") engage this new collecting opportunity as they do other memorabilia the band has released, this simply "sets the stage" for an enormous milestone into this new industry.

Beyond the realm of purely digital collecting, the VeVe Vibes app serves as a gateway to greater interaction and engagement within the BlackPink and music industry as a whole. Think of features like virtual meet-and-greets or collectible signings, live events, and fan-driven challenges, connecting with their favorite artists on a more personal level. This could potentially lead to purchases of specific collectibles, both online and off, to enhance collections, rewards or opportunities for greater interaction.  Of course, just the mere fact “super fans” often collect anything associated with their favourite brands and bands is a compelling reason to take note.

As VeVe collector Omi_Homie noted recently on X, BlackPink has worked with many (US-known) pop stars so the foundations to faster market adoption in North America have already been set:

For instance, the current speculation around Taylor Swift appearing as Dazzler in Marvel’s Deadpool III has sent prices of X-Men #130, Dazzler’s first appearance, skyrocketing across print and digital comic variants.  If that can happen here, imagine this on an even bigger stage…

 Learn more about the Digital Collectible of X-Men #130 at


Digital collecting benefits include low environmental impact - consider less paper to print physical concert tickets (most which end up in the garbage, or floors & streets of concert venues), less fuel requirements, less plastic that so often plagues the collecting industry, landfills and oceans, while offering greater ability for more fans to participate at concerts they maybe couldn’t do physically...VeVe’s digital assets are energy-efficient, mitigating criticism about their production and eco-costs.


In addition to its cultural impact, this partnership (with so many others like Lamborghini, Marvel, Disney, Coca-Cola, Universal, Lucasfilm and DC) holds significant implications for the broader NFT ecosystem, underscoring the evolving potential beyond traditional art and collectibles.

As the dad of a "SWIFTIE," let me say I understand this. My daughter is deeply engaged with her favourite artist, staying up late for song releases on Spotify, immediately Snapping with her friends about lyrics, and of course, buying ("ahem") Taylor merch, watching her movie tour release in theaters, YouTube vids and yes, she was even lucky enough to see Taylor live in concert.

As her dad, I can't help but participate and absolutely enjoy her excitement, yes - even listening to a lot of Taylor as a result. Now...amplify this by MILLIONS of parents who's kids love BlackPink or K-Pop in general. Then consider VeVe's mobile app allows you to simply press an "A/R" button to project your collectible & have your favourite band members in a photo with you...this is enormous for social sharing & enjoying an incredibly fun, new experience with friends and family.

You can surely see the pull here, but end of the day, this is just a new medium offering another way to buy, share and enjoy what you like, which is the heart of the entire collecting industry.

It is but another major milestone towards mass adoption, where we are obviously approaching a tipping point to full on acceptance where all the FUD, negativity, uninformed media or skeptics can no longer argue what the industry, and market, have adopted.  Just Google “Today show what is the Internet” if you want to CLEARLY see history rhyming yet again…

I must say, VeVe continues to impress me deeply, as they redefine how fans can engage with their favorite artists and collectibles, obliterating boundaries and forging meaningful connections in the digital age. As we continue to embrace the limitless possibilities of Digital Assets / NFTs and blockchain technology, collaborations like this propel us towards a future where creativity knows no bounds, and digital experiences become truly immersive and transformative.

Just released, check the FAN-Tastic promotional release by BlackPink themselves, encouraging their MILLIONS of fans to visit VeVe's website or mobile app to learn about this collection: 

Last, I would be remiss not to acknowledge the incredible VeVe Fandom that has so openly welcomed the K-Pop community.  From MrMC1 holding massive X Spaces to SergioCollects pumping out fantastic factual findings, to Collectors Gone Digital pumping out incredible YouTube reviews, there is simply no shortage of great content from real fans you can learn more from. 

As we tend to say a lot in the digital collecting space… “LETS GO!!!!!!”

Thanks for Reading!