Disney+ Day revealed the future of some upcoming Marvel television shows.  One character who has an upcoming tv show for Marvel is Moon Knight. The character of Moon Knight is not synonymous with one individual, so below are the multiple personalities who could be playing this Marvel hero for the upcoming tv show. The trailer produced many clips of what fans are expecting to see from this “hyped up” character. Just as expected, Disney did not reveal much on the whole plot but provided many scenes on what could be coming forward.

Marc Spector

Moon KnightMoon Knight has been speculated to appear for Marvel for years and the character’s first appearance has been gaining value ever since then. Werewolf By Night #32 is the first appearance and origin of Moon Knight. It is the key issue to grab for investors and provides the most profitable gains for the character going forward.

Marc Spector is considered to be the main individual playing the role of Moon Knight. Spector, a former marine and CIA operative, obtains the power of the Egyptian moon god Khonsu during a near-death experience. It is debated that his psychic connection from Khonsu causes mental issues within himself and results in multiple personalities. Though, the use of multiple personalities is put to good use in how he gathers intel in fighting crime.

Steven Grant

One persona Moon Knight uses to fight crime is from an individual named Steven Grant. This identity originates when Spector meets and befriends a boy named Steven Grant. As an adult, Spector uses this identity in fighting crime. The identity of Grant and his background as a billionaire businessman opens many doors for Spector. Some examples of using his wealth are to create weaponry and equipment. In addition, the money he makes from this persona creates his home base as well.

Moon Knight

Jake Lockley

Jake Lockley is another identity that is quite useful for the character of Moon Knight. Lockley is a taxicab driver and this persona is very useful. Spector gathers intel from criminals and civilians while posing as a taxicab driver. In addition, the connections he makes as a driver allow him to make allies as well.

One ally he makes as a cab driver is to a person named Ray. Ray is a pilot who assists Spector fly the “Moon Copter” when called upon.

The Contenders: Books to Watch

In regards to the trailer, here are some issues that fans should consider picking up before it is officially confirmed. This issue is not catching anyone by surprise, but an alternative key instead of Werewolf By Night #32, is Moon Knight #1. Moon Knight

This is the first issue of the first Moon Knight-titled series and details the origin of the hero. These details include the multiple personalities of Lockley and Grant. It also details the first appearance of Khonsu, the Egyptian God of the moon.

The rumors of the Midnight Sons team joining up appear to be set in stone. So, how about considering picking up the issue of Marc Spector: Moon Knight #25? The issue details the first team-up of Ghost Rider and Moon Knight. Ghost Rider is not officially confirmed, but pretty much expected to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) in the very near future.

In every series, the main protagonist introduces at least a love interest or family member to form their origin story. You should consider picking up Marc Spector: Moon Knight #35.

This issue is notable for the first full appearance of Randall Spector. He is the brother of Marc and is speculated to be developed into his adversary down the road.


There are plenty of options for anyone looking to get in on the Moon Knight game well in advance of the show. What direction do you think Marvel is going to take? Tell us in the comments!