This year, May 4th holds some heavy weight for nerds everywhere. Not only is it Free Comic Book Day, but it's also Star Wars Day! What started as an unofficial, punny holiday, has turned into something more official. Thanks to the passion of millions of fans worldwide, companies have started to recognize the day and have been releasing limited edition May the 4th merchandise (alongside regular Star Wars merch) to entice casual and more hardcore collectors.

R2-D2 May the 4th Be With You Pin 2024

Collectible pins are one of the more prominent ways people can show off their fandom. They have also become a big collector's niche as well, thanks to limited run pins such as this year's R2-D2 pin from The Disney Store. Disney is known for their collectible pins - many of which can only be found inside the parks. Thankfully this isn't the case. While the pin is listed at $19.99, this is a limited-release item. As a fan of the sassy droid R2-D2, I may have to buy one of these for myself!

LEGO TIE Interceptor

If you haven't heard, LEGO sets can be very valuable and extremely collectible, depending on the set. Aftermarket values for retired LEGO sets can be impressive with a handful of sets selling for over $1K. Each year LEGO releases a limited run piece and usually throws in a few incentives for collectors. This year LEGO is releasing a TIE Interceptor, ideal for builders who are 18 and up. This set will include 1931 LEGO pieces and one mini-fig, which can also be extremely desirable to collectors. This set will go live for the general public on May 4th both online and in-store. LEGO also has several other items for builders of all ages, so if you have a little Padawn in your life they can still celebrate May 4th with LEGO!

Star Wars Doorables

If you have young Star Wars fans in your life, or you just like blind box toys, these Doorables are perfect! These blind box toys feature 10 different characters and vehicles, and are perfect for play and display! I recently got one from BJ's, which has a lot more than just bulk items to my surprise. My box had an Ewok figure and car, and I can confirm this is very adorable. The figure is highly detailed, and the addition of the wheels on the bottom is a nice touch. I am a bit biased towards Ewok's in general. For just a smidge over $10, these are inexpensive collectibles perfectly suited for all ages!

Star Wars Pop Mold

One of the best things about being a Star Wars fan is throwing Star Wars-themed parties. I am a fan of making themed food, but I'm a bigger fan of using molds to make food that looks like characters. These Star Wars pop molds are ideal for creating fun frozen treats and feature a Stormtrooper, R2-D2, and Darth Vader. Personally, this was a missed opportunity to have a Han Solo in carbonite, but I imagine that would be a little morbid for most people.

The Phantom Menace 25th Anniversary Darth Maul Mini Backpack

It's hard to believe that it's been 25 years since The Phantom Menace was released in theaters. The movie opened up Star Wars for a new generation of fans, while also expanding the story for long-time fans. This movie also introduced us to Darth Maul, one of the most impressive-looking villains in the Star Wars universe. While the character wasn't explored very well until The Clone Wars series (as well as the comics), he became an overnight hit with fans. Loungefly is no stranger to releasing some unique, and desirable bags for fans. Certain Loungefly bags have become hard-to-find collector pieces, with certain bags selling for over $1K. While it's hard to say which bag will become a rare item, these are still fun to collect!