Welcome back to this week's top pics from Heritage's weekly Sunday and Monday comic book auctions! Heritage holds weekly funny book auctions which feature key issues, overlooked comics, oddball memorabilia items, and more. These auctions are a must if you want to beef up your collection! Here are my top picks for you to watch.

Captain America Comics #2

Golden Age Captain America comics are some of the most collectible and valuable comics from the era. Cap, much like many of his contemporaries, was on a war path with the Axis Powers. This Joe Simon cover depicts Cap ambushing Hitler, in one of the era's most classic covers. This is a key issue, as it is the first appearance of the round shield. Timely had to do away with the tripoint shield due to a Cease and Desist sent by MLJ Comics (better known as Archie Comics).

This CBCS blue label .5 features cream to off-white pages, and heavy wear all over the comic. Despite that, don't sleep on this book. I personally love low-grade books as they can be affordable. While there is little sales data for other .5 CBCS graded copies, a CBCS blue label 1.8 sold in 2016 for $4,780. By comparison, a CGC blue label .5 has a one-year average of $6,000.

Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane #70

Without a doubt, this cover exemplifies the meaning of cat fight. Even more interesting is that this is Catwoman's first Silver Age appearance, as well as a short-lived updated version of her classic Golden Age costume. Also appearing in this issue is The Penguin, with a cameo from Batman and Robin as well. After all, you can't have Batman's primary love interest in a Superman comic without Batman appearing!

his CGC blue label 8.5 featured white pages and a very attractive cover. This book is still an affordable minor key, with a one-year average of $1,600. Higher grades tend to fetch a significant amount more -- a CGC blue label 9.6 has a fair market value of $12,000. With interest in what's in store for the new James Gunn DCEU, this could be a worthwhile book for the long run.

Moon Knight #1 Group of 20

How much do you like Moon Knight? If you're a mega fan or looking to start selling books at conventions, look no further. This lot of 20 Moon Knight #1's is as interesting as it is plain fun. Thanks to the Disney+ show, Moon Knight comics saw a boost in value, though prices have since cooled. If you missed the craze and want to just own an issue or 20, don't overlook this lot. While Heritage doesn't note each comics' condition, they did note the overall value to be around $1,700.

You could get each one graded, or you could get them signed and graded. There certainly is potential here for the right person. Currently, the one-year average for a CGC blue label 9.8 is $620. By comparison, a CGC yellow label 9.8 has a one-year average of $929. On the lower end, a CGC blue label 3.5 has a one-year average of $47. A CGC yellow label has a one-year average of $196. CGC themselves has graded over 10 thousand Moon Knight #1 issues, making this a fairly common graded book.

Overall I think this is a cool lot for the right buyer -- even if you don't get them graded. If you've wanted to start your own Moon Knight #1 hoarding collection, look no further.

*Any perceived investment advice is that of the freelance blogger and does not represent advice on behalf of GoCollect.