Love and Thunder AngelaLove and Thunder will bring several new faces to the MCU, but Marvel will have its surprises lying in wait. One of those could be Thor’s sister, Angela. 

The complicated history of one of Image Comics’ most famous runaways could soon be coming to the silver screen. Angela, the former hellspawn hunter and listed among Heaven’s elite killers, could soon be on her way to the MCU via Thor: Love and Thunder

The journey from Image to quite possibly the MCU has been a complicated one. Angela began life with Todd McFarlane and company, and she was one of their more popular characters in the 1990s. Serving mainly as Spawn’s supporting cast, she would be featured in her own comics as well as cartoons. Originally created by Neil Gaiman, he and McFarlane would butt heads over the character’s intellectual property. The dispute would lead to a courtroom before the case was settled with Gaiman gaining full rights and then selling them to Marvel Comics.

On the plus side, that gives collectors twice the keys to find when it comes to Angela.

Love and Thunder AngelaSPAWN #9

Angela’s most famous appearance remains her first. In the early days of Image, McFarlane recruited some of the most famous creators of the 1980s and ‘90s to guest write issues of Spawn.

Among the notable names were Frank Miller and Alan Moore. Only four years removed from the release of Sandman #1, Neil Gaiman came aboard to pen Spawn #9. It would go on to have one of the most famous covers in all of Spawn’s history.

On April 10, a direct edition graded 9.8 sold for $150, though March 30 saw one garner $170. Like so many early Image keys, the real money is in the newsstand. In February, a 9.8 newsstand sold for $1,880. The last two sales have been for under $1k each, with the most recent being $610 on March 15.

ANGELA #1 (1994)

Angela was such a hit with fans that in the year following her debut, she starred in her very own self-titled comic in just her second appearance. The series was short-lived, but it helped establish her as a character worthy of carrying her own title.

She would go on to have other series for both Image and Marvel, but it all started here.

These generally sell for about $90, but the values have been climbing ever so slightly in recent weeks.

The most recent sale was for $95 on March 13. Although it hasn’t reached the $185 record high from last year, it hasn’t sold for less than $91 in 2022.

SPAWN #100

After 91 issues and seven years with Image, the end finally came for Angela. In 2000, McFarlane let the angelic monster hunter go out in a blaze of glory.

While fighting alongside Spawn in Hell, the devilish Malebolgia impaled her with a spear.

Seeing her death, Spawn summoned all his power and anger and directed it at Malebolgia, thus killing him. 

Looking for a copy? A 9.8 sold for $140 on April 6, but you can find raw copies for less than $25.


With the lawsuit settled, Gaiman sold his newly-won intellectual property to the House of Ideas. In 2013, the giant of comic publishing brought Angela into the fold, introducing her initially in a cameo appearance in Age of Ultron #10.

Over the past year, the graded 9.8 for the standard edition has averaged close to $100. 


It would only be fitting for Thor and Loki to discover their long-lost sister somewhere in the cosmos during Love and Thunder. With Jane Foster taking up the power of the Thunder God, having Angela enter the fray to surprise audiences and challenge Lady Thor would be a popular moment. One way or another, something magical is in the works for Odinsdottir.

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