Lost Planet First Colony HCMedia Release -- Titan Comics is pleased to announce LOST PLANET™: First Colony: a comics-exclusive story from Capcom's LOST PLANET® universe!

Titan Comics releases the first of two digital comics on August 28th, to celebrate the North American and European releases of Capcom's Lost Planet 3 videogame on August 27th and 30th respectively.

The hardcover graphic novel hits bookstores December 31.

LOST PLANET: First Colony uncovers the dark secrets of the iceworld of E.D.N. III – the lost planet – and its deadly, indigenous Akrid!

Fans of the series will thrill to an all-new, high-stakes adventure which sheds new light on humanity's first attempt to settle this harsh frontier.

In E.D.N. III's icy wastes, no-one is safe – least of all the crew of the pirate vessel, Crusader, come to pillage its technology! There's a strong chance that no-one will leave this world alive…

Capcom's LOST PLANET video game series has sold over 4 million copies worldwide, spinning off into an action figures, statuettes, clothing and more!

This stunningly illustrated LOST PLANET: First Colony features outstanding art by Massimo Dall'Oglio, from a script by DmC: Devil May Cry™: The Chronicles of Vergil's Izu, aka Guillaume Dorison.

The first of the two-part comic series is available to read today on the iPad, iPhone, Web, Android and Kindle Fire, exclusively through the comiXology app and comiXology.com

In print, LOST PLANET: First Colony is on sale December 31, 2013 from all good bookstores.

Retailers can order the LOST PLANET original graphic novel from the September 2013 edition of Diamond PREVIEWS.

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Lost Planet 3 delivers a mix of action both inside and outside of Jim's Utility Rig vehicle. Acting as a home away from home and offering protection from the ever changing climate, Jim soon discovers the Utility Rig's array of tools are just as useful at taking out Akrid as they are at helping him fulfill his contract work. Outside the rig, the action switches to third person with Jim at the mercy of the elements. He'll need to battle against hostile enemies with a mix of gun and melee based combat in order to survive all that is thrown at him.

In addition to the single player campaign, Lost Planet 3 features four online multiplayer modes. Players select either the NEVEC forces or the Snow Pirates in a series of team-based battles that not only see them take on the opposing team, but also compete against the extreme conditions of E.D.N. III and hordes of Akrid.

Lost Planet 3 is scheduled to release on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Windows PC on August 27th in North America and on August 30th across Europe.

Titan Comics is a bold new initiative from the world-leading publisher – offering the best licensed and creator-owned comics alongside new and classic graphic novels!

Titan Comics launched at San Diego Comic Con in July 2013 with brand-new creator-owned titles Chronos Commandos: Dawn Patrol, a time-traveling dinosaur adventure by Stuart Jennett, Numbercruncher, a time-twisting afterlife thriller by Si Spurrier, P.J. Holden and Jordie Bellaire and IT CAME!, a loving SF B-movie pastiche by Dan Boultwood.

The first wave of deluxe graphic novels includes The First Kingdom series by Jack Katz; Razorjack by John Higgins; Thrud The Barbarian by Carl Critchlow, and Marada the She-Wolf by Chris Claremont and John Bolton.

Upcoming releases include the critically-acclaimed sex-and-superpowers Death Sentence by Montynero and Mike Dowling; Accident Man by Pat Mills, Tony Skinner and Duke Mighten: femme-fatale espionage caper Scarlett Couture by Des Taylor: adrenal grindhouse-flick Sally Of The Wasteland by Victor Gischler and artist Tazio Bettin: ladies of literature action-adventure Adler by novelist Lavie Tidhar and artist Paul McCaffrey, and The Absence by Martin Stiff – with many more titles to be announced for 2014!

Each release will also be available to read day and date on the iPhone, iPad, Web, Android and Kindle Fire.

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