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January 10, 1940

Detective Comics #35

Key Issue
Classic Batman hypodermic needle cover that reflects story in issue #34; Classic Batman with smoking .45 automatic splash panel

Bob Kane

George Papp

Maurice Kashuba

Homer Fleming

Don Lynch

Fred Guardineer

Sven Elven

Tom Hickey

Mart Bailey

Sheldon Mayer


Sheldon Moldoff

Script Writer

Bill Finger

Jerry Siegel

Gardner F. Fox

Richard Lawlor

Sven Elven

Tom Hickey

J. S. Liebowitz


Vincent Sullivan

DC Comics
Publication Date
Jan 10, 1940
Cover Price
Page Count
68 pages
Since the Duc D'orterre appears on this cover, it is believed this cover was supposed to go with #34's story. Note added by Craig Delich 2-10-09.

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