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September 10, 1959

Showcase #22

Key Issue
First appearance of Hal Jordan; First appearance of Silver Age Green Lantern; First appearance and death of Abin Sur; First appearance of Carol Ferris

Gil Kane

Script Writer

John Broome


Julius Schwartz

DC Comics
Publication Date
Sep 10, 1959
Cover Price
Page Count
36 pages
1st Silver Age Green Lantern. Some sources credit Joe Giella with the cover inking, including including 80-Page Giant Green Lantern Annual (1998). The cover is signed with a K over G, which at this time meant that Gil Kane did the inking also. The Schwartz pay records also list solely Gil Kane on this cover. Art Spotters Bob Bailey, Michael Evans, David Bachman and Gene Reed all agree that it is Gil Kane inks. Schwartz pay records provided by DC Comics.

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