Comic Series

Justice Society of America

82 Issues
Writers Geoff Johns and artist Dale Engleham relaunched the JSA, with Alex Ross providing covers for the series. "The Justice League is a strike force. The Justice Society is a family," Batman told surviving Society members Wildcat, Flash and Green Lantern. The latest version of the JSA mixed the experience of the older heroes with the enthusiasm of newer ones such as Damage and Starman. The team soon had their first case to solve when Mr. America crashed through the roof of their base, assassinated while investigating the murder of his own family. Starting Team Members: Power Girl; Liberty Belle (Jesse Chambers); Hourman (Rick Tyler); Flash (Jay Garrick); Green Lantern (Alan Scott); Damage; Wildcat (Ted Grant); Wildcat (Tommy Bronson); Starman; Stargirl; Cyclone; Citizen Steel Current Team Members: Green Lantern, Flash, Wildcat, Dr. Fate, Lightning, Mr. America, Mr. Terrific, Dr. Midnight
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