Comic Series


14 Issues
Amazing writing. Breathtaking art. The Eisner Award Winning series made you fall in love with the INHUMANS. What is there that has not been said about Paul Jenkins writing skills? He brought a whole new perspective on Blackagar and the rest of the Royal Family of Attilan. By writing a character driven, emotionally rich story, Jenkins accomplished what most modern writers often refer to when planning to use the INHUMANS in new stories. Jae Lee's art is some of the most abstract and sentimental work in the Industry and he never pulled a single punch on this 12 issue run. Other then giving Karnak a long overdue makeover, he managed to bring the City of Attilan itself into the forefront of the story, almost like another character of the book. The result finds you completely immersed into the world of the INHUMANS, and is a must-read for any fan.