From albums to comics, covers help make sales. We saw this recently with the Amazing Spider-Man #55 with the Gleason cover. Most comic book lovers can pick out covers easily in the Silver and Bronze age, but what about the sweet Golden Age? Take a trip with me as we go down memory lane and visit 5 Iconic Golden Age Covers.

5. Batman #20

Bob Kane and Bill Finger knocked it out of the park with this one. It is the first cover appearance of the classic Batmobile. The contrast of the yellow background with the Batmobile bursting out is simply beautiful. The dynamic duos are known for their vehicles but nothing beats the first. However, I’m more of a fan of the Adam West Batmobile. The CGC census only shows a total of 249 copies graded with a 9.4 being the highest. The FMV for the 9.4 is $26,000 but you can score Batman #20 for under $2,000 if you look at books graded 7.0 and below.

4. Batman #9

This classic cover was created by Jack Burnley and published in 1942. This cover is almost the opposite of Batman #20. We have a great black background with a yellow spotlight placing focus on Batman and Robin. It’s simple, clean, and emphasizes our caped heroes. CGC census shows only 196 graded copies of Batman #9 on file and like above the highest grade is a 9.4. The FMV on the 9.4 is $52,000 but to those of us who are not Tony Stark, you can still snag a nice 4.0 for around $2,000.

3. Superman #14

Changing pace for a second, here is a patriotic cover of the Man of Steel, Superman, created by Fred Ray. Remember, Superman stood for American Patriotism, and here, on Superman #14, shines bright. You see a gorgeous black background with an American shield taking up about ¾ of the cover. Superman is standing in one of his iconic poses with a Bald Eagle on his arm. If this doesn’t scream America, I don’t know what does. I guess 9.4 is the magic number because it is the highest grade so far for this book. The CGC census shows only 216 graded copies with the 9.4 holding an FMV of $120,000. A more affordable cost can be found in a 3.0 grade with an FMV of $2,100.

2. Captain America Comics #1

Nothing is better than a Golden Age cover showcasing Hitler being knocked on his rear. Captain America Comics #1 is also the 1st appearance of Captain America and Bucky Barnes. Remember, during the time this book was published World War II had already started and Hitler was in everyone’s crosshairs. The cover is colorful with yellow highlighting the floor and title. You also see what appears to be a Nazi Base that Capt. America has infiltrated ruining their plans against the USA. Finally, we have reached a book whose highest grade isn’t a 9.4 but an unbelievable 9.8! The FMV for 9.8 is $1.35 million with a 0.5 having an FMV of $40,000. Definitely a book out of my reach, but being a grail key and rich in history, it is worth every penny.

1. All-American Comics #16

 All American Comics #16 is the origin and 1st appearance of the Green Lantern Alan Scott. We all know the Green Lantern Oath, but did you know how it all started? Even if you can’t get your hands on this book, look up the story. I love seeing the first incarnation of what is to become the Green Lantern Corps. The cover created by Sheldon Moldoff is simple but still finds a way to pop. This cover features a mobster taking aim at the Green Lantern while running on steel beams. The contrast of colors on the top of the title helps bring attention to the comic. The census shows only 59 books being graded by CGC with the highest being, you guessed it, a 9.4. With so few sales, it is difficult to generate an FMV. But recently in November 2020, a 0.5 sold for $16,200 and a 3.5 sold in September of the same year for $72,000.

Bottom Line

I know many must be saying, “Well what about this cover? Or that cover?” Don’t worry, this is just part one. I plan on going over many more Golden Age covers down the road. Golden Age comics opened the door to the heroes and artists we love today. Owning these books is not just owning a key grail, but also a piece of comic book history. In addition, these books will never lose value and will only increase with time.

So tell me what you thought about this! Do you want to see more articles like this? Would you like a deeper look into these covers? Drop a line and let’s chat!

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