I provide comic book investment and speculation picks in this column.  Why should you trust me?  Here are a few of my past picks I recommended to individuals and my reasoning for the picks.  Consider it my curriculum vitae for my comic book investments.  I had to pull up my notes to make sure the timeline of events was accurate so you could review my work.   I then extrapolate that rationale to recommend some books you may now want to consider now and for your next comic book investment.

Second Tier Avengers

My Past Pick:  Avengers #48

Reason:    I looked at the potential for future films before the release of the Avengers.  I told an investor to buy Avengers #57.   This book contained the first appearance of the Vision.  It was an easy choice even though it cost the buyer a few more dollars than they wished to spend at the time.  My reason was this was a second-tier first appearance by an Avenger that was affordable.  The individual sold the book for a tidy profit when Age of Ultron came out.

The other book suggested that was more speculative was Avengers #48.  This was the first appearance of Dane Whitman as the Black Knight.  The issue purchased was less than $55 at auction and conservatively graded at VF raw.  No one wanted this issue because everyone wanted other hot books.  Black Knight has multiple ties to the Marvel Universe.  He could fit in several storylines. This is book is an early Avengers book.  So many positive factors but still his first appearance was ignored by the masses.    At the time of this writing, this book sits at #21 in the GoCollect hot Silver Age books.

New Suggestion: Avengers #9

Reason: Avengers #9  has the first appearance of Wonder Man.  He again has ties to the Avengers, Vision, and  Captain Marvel.  He can serve in multiple roles in the MCU for a savvy director who needs a character grounded in the Marvel universe but not as well known to moviegoers.  This will allow creative alterations to be made to better suit the plot.  This has already been done with many characters currently introduced in the MCU.

Currently, this book sits at #77 of the Hot Silver Age books and is going down.  This book is not out of the reach of most collectors and if it appears in the MCU the book should increase in value.  You should look for raw books that should grade at 6.0 to 8.0.  Remember, this is an under-appreciated and undervalued early Avengers first appearance.  The cost is worth it as I have seen books go at auction for prices below FMV because no one is betting on this character.

I Annihilated Annihilus

My Past Pick: Fantastic Four Annual #6

Reason:  I looked at the benefit of two first appearances in Fantastic Four Annual #6 about four and a half years ago.  This book contains the first appearances of both Franklin Richards and Annihilus.  I recommended this book to a person who was at an auction that asked me what I liked.  Rumors of Annihilus appearing in the MCU caused the price of the book to take off.  I always liked him as a villain but I rarely recommend buying books to speculate on villains for long-term investors. You can speculate on second-tier villains but do not invest in them.

The reason I suggested to the person to buy this book is that one day I believe that Franklin will appear in the MCU.  Until then I am happy with the Annihilus speculators who drove up the value of this book.  The buyer bought this book in a lot where the total price for three raw books was $25.   His copy is in the 6.0 to  7.0 range.   The masses were chasing the first appearances of Deadpool and Miles Morales at the auction and paying premiums for these hot books. Research helps you find deals others are not seeing.

New Suggestion:   Marvel Presents #1

Reason:  In previous columns, I recommended Bloodstone #1 because it contained the first appearance of Elsa Bloodstone.  I believe this character can be a great asset to the MCU.  She is a monster hunter that could exist in the darker corners of the MCU. Blade is coming to the MCU and fresh characters may play important roles in these films. Investors and speculators took notice.  This book has been hot, and prices are up on this book at auctions I have reviewed.

If Elsa Bloodstone is hot then maybe you should look to invest in her origin.  Marvel Presents #1 has the first appearance of Ulysses Bloodstone, Elsa's father.  His power was derived from the Bloodgem that is embedded in his chest.  This same jewel gives Elsa her power.  If you are speculating on a character, it might be wise to look to family members that may play a key role in their stories.  Franklin Richards and Ulysses Bloodstones are two ways to invest in the blood-red ocean of hot books while staying in the clear blue ocean ignored by the majority.  It should be noted that I hardly have seen this book on the Hot Bronze Age lists, even with a 9.8 FMV of $250 for a book 45 years old.

How and Why I Do This

I review books and study trends to draft this column.  I hate to suggest investing in the hot book flavor of the day because I know buyers will have to pay a premium for the book. Instead, I look at books ignored by many to find undervalued books. I study the sales data to find books that may be primed to go up in value shortly.  I have lists of books that I regularly follow in addition to the first 1001 issues in each of the GoCollects Comic Age lists.  This includes books I may not even like or collect. In addition, I review books that may be very costly. Hulk #1 and Batman #181 are expensive. That does not mean they are excluded from being considered undervalued comic books in the world of comic book investment.

I also talk to buyers and sellers to get the human perspective to go with the sales data numbers.  Emotions matter when it comes to comic book investment.   I share what I have learned with you, the reader.  I do not do so to profit by manipulating the market.  The purpose of my columns is to share what I have learned just as others have shared their knowledge with me. Finally, I discuss these articles in the comments section to gain perspectives on the reader's different viewpoints. These dialogues help us understand others that exist in the comic book marketplace.  Understanding others helps us make more money and buy better books. After all, that is the whole purpose of this website.

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