Epics #1Media Release -- A Wave Blue World is proud to announce that we will now be publishing Epics, a new anthology comic.

Each issue of Epics will contain four unique but equally pulse-pounding adventures brought to you by the creative minds of Anthony Marques, Fernando Ruiz, Bob Hardin, and Fabio Redivo, all four of whom are graduates and current staff instructors of the Kubert School.

A Wave Blue World CEO, Tyler Chin-Tanner commented, "As soon as I saw the completed first issue of Epics, I knew these guys were doing their best work. I loved how the format allowed them to stretch themselves individually as creators, but still collaborate with each other. They really poured their hearts and souls into this comic, and even funded the first issue themselves through Kickstarter. I just wanted to make sure they had the resources and stability they needed to continue to put out future issues as good as this first one."

Creator Anthony Marques added, "On behalf of all the creators involved in EPICS, we are all thrilled and excited to call A Wave Blue World home. We look forward to the coming months in which we will push the envelope to create new and exciting material for comic fans to enjoy."

Epics #1 was first released during a special signing at Dewy's Comic City in Madison, NJ on September 15, but will be making it's convention debut at NYCC on October 11-14. Print copies are also available for order from AWaveBlueWorld.com and Amazon.com, as well as digital copies from comiXology.

In addition to publishing EPICS on a quarterly schedule, A Wave Blue World will also publish a pair of spin-off series for 2 of the stories in Epics #1. Katyusha written by Tyler Chin-Tanner and illustrated by Anthony Marques as well as The Iron Ghost by Fernando Ruiz which will launch their own titles in 2013.

More sample artwork from the book can be seen at

For more information, please visit www.awaveblueworld.com or find us on facebook, keyword: A Wave Blue World