Rogues The Burning Heart #1 (of 5)The kind folks at Amigo Comics have supplied ComicList with their solicitations for comics and other products featured in the January 2014 Previews, scheduled to ship starting March 2014.

ROGUES! Vol. 3, #1

Story by: El Torres
Art by: Juan José Ryp
Cover Artist: Juan José Ryp

At last! The long-lost story where the Rogues were born, now remastered and with new-brand-extra pages. The first work of Juan José Ryp and El Torres with their creation, the Rogues!

Follow the first adventure of Bram and Weasel: A robbery to a nobleman went really well. Now they are the owners of an unique bright jewel… that everybody in Gerada, thiefs, soldiers and even mages want!

Item Code: JAN140843
UPC Code: 700598854213-00111
In Stores: 3/26/14
SRP: $3.99

Ghost Wolf #1 (of 4)


Story by: El Torres
Art by: Siku
Cover Artist: Siku

The complete saga of the Ghost Wolf, the spirit of vengeance of the northern wastes. When the sons of Corr lost their courage, they were swept by the wild tribes. But there was one man decided to fight... and paid with his life. He will become the vessel for the long, forsaken spirit of vengeance... The Ghost Wolf!

UPC Code:700598854220-00111
In Stores: 3/26/14
SRP: $3.99