51 Delta GNMedia Release -- Dr. Nathaniel Simon has been called many things over the years. Genius, dreamer, innovator, crackpot, geek...and most recently, MISSING.

Dr. Simon, who has been working at the Top Secret facility at Groom Lake, has vanished off the face of the Earth. As a result, chaos has enveloped the base with the subjects of Simon's work acting out and the military unable to control them. As a last resort, the Air Force has brought in...A BASS PLAYER?

Dr. Simon's estranged son Kirby has been shanghaied to the desert base and entrusted with the care of (officially) five unruly aliens as the search for his father continues. Before he can get his bearings, Kirby learns that his father had a secret that the military didn't even know about. Now it's up to the subjects of Delta Hanger (and Kirby) to rescue him.

51 DELTA is a fun Science Fiction adventure that embraces the conventions of the genre as it pokes fun at them while telling the story of Kirby coming to terms with his relationship with his father and embracing the things they have in common. The story re-unites the team of writer Sean Dulaney with artist Ryan Sergeant, (DIGITAL WEBBING PRESENTS anthology) with lettering by Barry Buchanan (WESTERN GOTHIC).

In stores this January 2011 from Arcana Studios, 51 DELTA can be ordered from your local comic shop now using Diamond Previews code NOV100709. Also - ISBN 978-1-897548-93