‘The craziest, most original, and most compelling comic book story I’ve read in a long, long time’ - Part Time Fanboy Podcast. The critically acclaimed indie comic, Arks, is getting a sequel. Here's a sneak peek at what's to come!

Arks Proximan - A boy will try to save his world, by destroying ours.

We'll let the fine team at Arks take it from here!

"Arks Proximan is a story of survival, not just of a single family, but of a whole species…it’s brutal, it’s terrifying, and like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

It’s the story of Odd Bluford; the first exonatal human coming face to face with a demon; a girl from Earth.

Odd Bluford is afraid. Mainly of death, the dark, and the girl his parents found in a beam of light. It’s his job to talk to her and find out what message she has from Earth.

But his mom is suspicious of the girl; his dad is just pleased he finally has a ‘friend’ to talk to. But she’s not talking and time is running out…

Arks Proximan #1 is a sensational new entry into the Arks science-faction franchise. It will stand alone as its own 5-part story whilst interweaving itself with the core Arks narrative in a truly original and mind-bending way.

  • Rory Collins - Writer / Producer
  • Erich Owen - Artist
  • Natalie Malla - Writer
  • Andrew Morris - Artist / Cover Artist
  • Jeremiah Lambert - Letterer
  • Holly Cameron - Producer

If you’re into artificial intelligence, original concepts, amazing art from a DC artist, and films like Aliens and Jurassic Park you’ll love Arks Proximan.

More reasons why you should check it out….

1. It’s inspired by the intersection of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with Synthetic Biology (SynBio). These two fields will revolutionize not just the sciences but the species in the coming century and no pop culture event has yet come close to depicting it. ‘Biopunk’ will become a huge part of science fiction in the coming decades and this story has it in spades!

2. This is the first comic to depict how we really would attempt to travel to other planets by using bacteria, not spaceships via a method called Directed Panspermia….sounds weird huh? That’s cos it is, but it’s also very cool.

3. Talking of cool, the line and colour is by D.C artist Erich Owen!

To celebrate being fully funded in under 24 hours, Proximan has just released a series of stretch goals which would mean more amazing content added to the comic - as well as potentially two new variant covers!

To see more and back the campaign before it ends head to https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/arks/arks-proximan-1?ref=yhbc69

But don’t take our word for it - Kristian Horn at Part Time Fanboy and Arks Creator Rory talk more about the Arks universe and the creative process here https://parttimefanboy.com/part-time-fanboy-podcast-ep-462-rory-j-collins-sows-the-seeds-of-original-sci-fi-with-arks-proximan-on-kickstarter/"

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ARKS Proximan #1 is LIVE on Kickstarter.

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