Indie Comics Magazine #6Media Release -- Heresy shall not be tolerated as Australian Paul Bradford presents a new Astral Crusaders story in Indie Comics Magazine's Summer Issue, scheduled for preorder in Diamond's June 2012 Previews under Aazurn Publishing.

"Paul's Astral Crusaders debuted in Indie Comics Magazine #3," said Editor Gary Scott Beatty. "Even though there is a huge back story for this cosmic army, Paul offers us a complete story in these eight pages."

The Astral Crusaders are the last bastion of humanity, a well trained force defending and upholding the values of the human race throughout the cosmos. Humanity only remains on the colonized planets and moons throughout the known galaxy. Close encounters proved to be a little too close for comfort.

Originally from Scotland, Bradford was brought up on the British comics that helped twist him into the writer he is today. Now living in Western Australia, he writes comics containing a broad spectrum of themes and ideas. He also writes Gothic poetry under the pseudonym Hierophantom and has produced small press "zines" through his company Inertia Publications.

"William Allan Reyes offers art that is detailed and lush," said Indie Comics Magazine Editor Gary Scott Beatty. "You can feel the tension building as this army marches forward."

Indie Comics Magazine's Summer Issue will feature eight complete stories, from creators as diverse as Star Trek book writer Frederick Kim, Norwegian Glenn Møane, and Haller Award winner Joe Sergi.

A video preview of this issue is online at

The moody cover painting for the Summer Issue is by Image and Disney illustrator Terry Pavlet.

Short biographies and contact information are included with done-in-one stories in Indie Comics Magazine so readers can easily seek out more of their favorite creators' work. For ongoing updates on all things relating to Paul's comics visit his blog at

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