Angel #28It's going to be a great holiday for Angel fans this year! Starting in December with issue 28, multiple Eisner Award-winning writer Bill Willingham (Fables, JSA) becomes the new regular writer of IDW's ongoing Angel series. Willingham kicks things off in a big way with his first six-issue Angel storyline, titled "The Crown Prince Syndrome."

Beginning with December's Angel #28, Willingham delivers a gripping story as the title character struggles with his new-found celebrity and the myriad of moral complications it creates. Joining Willingham on the book as the new regular artist is Brian Denham (The X-Files). Jenny Frison will create distinctive new covers for each issue, and former Angel artist David Messina will offer up variant covers.

"I'm really enjoying writing Angel," said Willingham. "You don't often get to play in other people's universes, and the world created for Angel, with its supernatural-infested L.A., is something I'm having too much fun being involved with."

This first arc will focus on what life is like for Angel now that the Fall is over and he's become the idolized, adored, and extremely visible hero of L.A. Angel's fame definitely makes it harder for him to brood in peace, and the lack of anonymity creates a whole new level of threat, unlike anything he's used to. "The Crown Prince Syndrome" also reveals what life is like for the rest of the team, especially Connor, who finds out that being a "chosen one" isn't anywhere near as easy as his dad makes it look.

"I've known Bill a long time now, and he always makes it look so easy, so effortless," said Angel editor Mariah Huehner. "He took one look at these characters and this world and knew exactly what he wanted to do. As a devoted fan of Angel and Bill, I'm just so pleased to get to work with him again on this series. I don't think anyone is going to be prepared for where he is taking it."

Beginning with Angel #28, each issue will also feature a special parallel story by Bill Williams and Messina, introducing a brand-new character created by Willingham and Williams, Eddie Hope.

Angel #28 ($3.99, Diamond order code OCT09 0951) will be available in stores in December.