The long-awaited Batgirl movie is finally happening, and the lead role has been cast. On that note, it’s time to check on those Batgirl keys that will surely feel the impact from the latest news.

According to Deadline, In the Heights star Leslie Grace has been tapped to don the cape and cowl and bring Batgirl to life for the DCEU. While there has not been an official announcement as of the time of this writing, it appeared all but confirmed at this point.

The movie news will renew interest in what has already been a busy market for those Batgirl key issues, namely her Silver Age debut. With a lengthy comic history, there are more keys that should be on your wish lists besides the all-mighty first appearance.


This has long been one of the hottest comics on the secondary market. Even before the talks of a Batgirl movie made the rumor sites, fans were getting behind the return of Barbara Gordon to her superhero roots in the comics.

It all started with Detective Comics #359 from 1967. Now that Batgirl has reportedly been cast for the upcoming movie, it will give sellers a new reason to charge an even higher premium for what was already a pricey issue.

[caption id="attachment_136915" align="alignleft" width="300"] DC #359 Sales Data - GoCollect[/caption]

It’s not like values weren’t already at an all-time high. As recently as July 11, an 8.0 set a new record after selling for $3,120. Ten days prior, a 6.5 broke records with a sale of $2,150.

Most grades of this book are seeing nice returns. As recently as July 21, the 5.0 set a new high after a graded copy brought $1,600.


What do you do when the first appearance is too expensive? That’s right; go for the second appearance.

Filled with Silver Age campiness from the cover to the final page, this is the consolation prize for the Batgirl collectors. While it will never hold the same regard as DC #359, this will nonetheless be a great addition to the collection and at a much more reasonable price.

For a fraction of the cost of a DC #359, you can have a much higher grade for Detective Comics #363. In fact, the highest grade sold in the past month was a 9.4 that traded owners for $765 on July 6.


The main reason to want this comic is for the first team-up between Batgirl and Robin. Considering the lengthy history between Barbara Gordon and Dick Grayson, it would be fitting for him to co-star alongside her. That would immediately cause a flood of action for this particular issue. What would make even more sense would be if this was the movie debut of Grayson’s Nightwing moniker, but that’s a topic for another day.

There have not been many sales for this particular issue as of late, but that is good news because it keeps the prices low. The last copy of Detective Comics #369 to sell was a 7.0 that brought $149 on July 3.


The big question will be whether or not the filmmakers choose to explore arguably Barbara’s most infamous comic moment. In the 1988 Alan Moore classic, she is assaulted and shot by the Joker, crippling her. It is hard to imagine the movie following this particular storyline, at least not at first.

The future of the DCEU appears to be leaning toward the lighter, sillier side of comic book adaptations, so The Killing Joke could be too dark for the family-friendly wave of movies. However, there could be a toned-down version of the story that would still allow Barbara Gordon to transition to her role as Oracle while allowing another character to take up the Batgirl mantle.

Compared to other comics on today’s list, this one is a steal. Even at a 9.8, the first print generally sells for about $250. 


Batgirl could open the door to more than just Barbara Gordon or even her Oracle character. This could be a way to introduce other members of the bat-family to movie screens, like Nightwing or Damien Wayne. The real key to the Batgirl movie will be the villain casting, so keep an eye out for that announcement. 

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