Comedian Rosie O'Donnell has been around Hollywood for some time. Her iconic movies and daytime talk shows were staples of my childhood -- and just like myself, O'Donnell has a love for Happy Meal toys as well!

Growing up, a majority of us probably begged our parents to buy us Happy Meals from Mcdonald's. My mom would insist we had McDonald's at home, but between you and I, my sister and I would only ask because we wanted one thing from the Happy Meal: the toy! I fondly remember playing with toys based on Batman Returns, The Disney Afternoon, and who could forget the McNugget toys? While I would eventually donate a lot of my Happy Meal toys, some people do collect them. Certain toys even go for more than you would think!

Parts of Rosie's collection could be found on her talk show desk, which made me envious as a child. But it was an important thing to see as well -- here was a successful adult who didn't hide her hobby.  In a People Magazine interview from 1997, O'Donnell stated she started collecting the toys in the 1980s as they reminded her of her childhood. At that point in time, she had over 2,500 different Happy Meal toys -- no doubt that number has tripled since!

McDonald's Happy Meal Toys can be collectible too.

While you won't necessarily become a millionaire with an impressive Happy Meal toy collection, you could at least buy a few more Happy Meals. The prices shown below are from eBay, as larger auction houses tend to shy away from individual Happy Meal toys. In June of 2022, a set of seven McDonald's Mac Tonight (the moon man from those infamous commercials) sold for $35.

A complete toy set of Disney Pixar's newest movie -- Lightyear -- sold for $320. Complete sets of Walt Disney World's 50th Anniversary toys routinely sell for over $200. Disney fans and collectors have noticed a trend of Disney Happy Meal toys skewing higher in the aftermarket more than any other licensed property.

Happy Meal toy displays seem to fare much better for both sellers and collectors.

A Happy Meal toy display with Toy Story 2 toys sold for $405 in June of 2022. A Super Mario Brothers 3 toy display ended at $600 in May of 2022 -- a month prior two similar ones sold for $349 and $329. A Chip n Dale's Rescue Ranger display in good condition sold for $125 in May of 2022, right after the Disney+ movie came out. If you're interested in collecting the displays, I have seen them pop up on Heritage's website -- in fact, I won a Taco Bell Batman Returns Collectible Cup Display from Heritage many years ago!

McDonald's Halloween toys and buckets are also very popular on the second-hand market. Halloween is a popular thing for collectors already, and people who love nostalgia go nuts for vintage McDonald's Halloween goodies. In May of 2022, a late 1980s Halloween McNugget display sold for $300. A lot of 13 of the McNugget Halloween toys sold for $129, even with duplicates. The infamous buckets routinely sell for around $50, so if you want that piece of your childhood back, they are affordable!

While I don't suggest running to find your old Happy Meal toys or going out and investing in them immediately, this is a great little corner of the collector's world. Do you have a McDonald's toy collection? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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