If you've been waiting for a quicker way to access graded book info and openly accessible graders' notes from CGC, then the wait is over.

Text from CGC's press release, posted on 7/7/2022

"Certified Guaranty Company® is excited to announce that QR codes will now be included on its certification labels for comic books and magazines. In addition, Grader Notes are now available to all for free. Collectors and dealers can use the QR code or go to CGCcomics.com/certlookup to enter a collectible’s certification number and access not only Grader Notes but also grade date, art comments, number graded in the Census and more. The updates will provide greater access and transparency to collectors.

Quickly look up collectibles on your phone

With the addition of a QR code on the CGC certification label, collectors can quickly look up a collectible and its pertinent information on the CGC website. Simply scan the QR code with your phone and be taken straight to the collectible’s description. It’s never been easier to verify that a holder is genuine and has not been altered. When transacting online, this is essential knowledge that is now at your fingertips.

Access Grader Notes for free

When graders examine a book, they may enter comments about its condition that describe problems, indicate the quality of interior pages, and help explain why a collectible received the grade it did. Some examples of Grader Notes include: Right Center Front Cover Lite Fingerprints; Left Center Back Cover Moderate Erasure Mark; Staple Rusted w/Rust Stained Interior. For more information about Grader Notes, click here.

Whenever a comic book has Grader Notes, CGC is making them available for free because they are a valuable part of the grading process that provide more information about CGC-certified comic books. Effective immediately, anyone can go to the free Verify CGC Certification tool and enter the certification number for the collectible that you would like to look up. If Grader Notes are available, they will be viewable here."

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