Chris Claremont and Edgar Salazar are reuniting in WOLVERINE: DEEP CUT, set during the X-Men's beloved "Outback Era."

The press release follows:

Media Release -- Over the last few years, readers have gotten to experience all-new mutant sagas from the mastermind behind the X-Men's most influential stories—Chris Claremont! The groundbreaking writer has introduced a multitude of hit limited series that fill in the gaps of X-Men canon, answering dangling questions and adding further depth to his historic and unparalleled run on the franchise. To celebrate Wolverine's 50th anniversary this year, Claremont is back with artist Edgar Salazar for an all-new Wolverine story set during one of the X-Men's most beloved eras in WOLVERINE: DEEP CUT!

WOLVERINE: DEEP CUT sees Claremont return to the period when the X-Men operated out of the Australian Outback, and Wolverine was jetting off on secret adventures around the globe in his first solo series, also penned by Claremont. Now, witness Wolverine's untold hunt before the Reavers' brutal attack brought the X-Men's time in Australia to a tragic end in Uncanny X-Men #251.

OUT OF THE OUTBACK ON A LIFE-AND-DEATH MISSION! Logan sets off from the outback, leaving behind what was left of the X-Men, for a mysterious mission. After decades of mystery, Claremont reveals just what Wolverine got up to before his unforgettable battle with the Reavers! Featuring sinister revelations and claw-to-claw confrontations with Sabretooth, this is an ideal entry-point Wolverine story for new and long-standing fans alike that simply cannot be missed!

"One of the amazing things about Chris Claremont's work is how rich and multi-layered his X-Men stories have always been," Editor Mark Basso shared. "In Uncanny X-Men #246, he had to move Wolverine off-stage to get to the plethora of other characters and plotlines he had going. DEEP CUT is going to finally step back and show what there just wasn't time or space to show of Wolverine before he returned in #251, and make good on that title in all senses of the word! And, in true Marvel fashion, the story here will stand completely on its own, so if you have no idea what those plots entailed, rest assured you've got a complete adventure in this series."

WOLVERINE: DEEP CUT will be Claremont and Salazar's latest "retro pick" adventure with Wolverine, following the Wolverine: Madripoor Knights series that launched earlier this year.

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