Clive Barkers Seduth 3-D #1Media Release -- Acclaimed novelist/filmmaker/painter Clive Barker is teaming up with IDW to make his return to comic books in October with Clive Barker's Seduth. This especially horrific comic is presented with vivid 3-D effects, as Barker is joined by the Eisner-nominated art team of Gabriel Rodriguez and Jay Fotos (Locke & Key), along with co-writer Chris Monfette and 3-D art expert Ray Zone.

In Seduth, Barker tells the tale of celebrated architect Harold Engle, who first glimpses the small cloud of darkness inside a glittering, priceless diamond, without any knowledge of the terrible plague contained within. Seduth follows Engle on a surreal journey through murder and madness to the very heart of existence and a terrible, impossible choice—to unravel the very fabric of the world, or to save it?

Seduth marks Barker's long-awaited return to comics and is the first all-new comic book created by Barker in two decades. IDW has previously presented adaptations of Barker's novels The Thief of Always and The Great and Secret Show.

"In working with Clive Barker over the past five years and in adapting one of his books myself, the thing that constantly struck me is how wildly inventive he is, and I've always been eager for him to create something new" said IDW Publisher/Editor-in-Chief, Chris Ryall. "With Seduth, where 3-D artwork is essential to the story and presents a complete merging of story and art in a unique way, we finally have that."

The visual collaborators on Seduth are Rodriguez, who not only reached new heights with his work on The Great and Secret Show adaptation, and Zone, who has pioneered 3-D effects in print. Seduth takes as one of its influences the collaged journals of Peter Beard, leading to a style never-before-seen in comics. Seduth comes complete with 3-D glasses, as well as back-up material that includes Barker's original notes and sketches for the story.

"I have always felt that comics as a medium are still in a relatively early stage in their development—there are so many roads still to be taken," said Barker. "It is a medium which can afford to take risks, and we're taking them." Barker then added "This is, in more than one sense, a dream project. It is my first chance to co-produce with my best friend Robb Humphreys on a story that really touches our shared interests in the power of hallucinations and visions. It also brought me together with Chris Monfette, who will certainly be a part of my creative life for many years to come if I have any say in the matter. Add the art of Gabriel, the color of Jay and the amazingly mind-blowing talents of Ray Zone, this fulfills my dream of Seduth completely."

About collaborating with Barker, the project's co-writer, Monfette said "Clive came to me, quite literally, with nothing… which is to say that he wanted to create a piece about the essence of nihilism. Foolishly, I had expected a story—manageable, straightforward, perhaps a bit messy—and what I received was a five-dimensional jigsaw, the likes of which could only ever come from the mind of Clive Barker, my friend, whose head and heart, I believe, are one and the same."

Clive Barker's Seduth, a 32-page ad-free comic with 3-D glasses, will be in stores in October. Diamond order code AUG09 0924.

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