Sony's questionable decisions landed some old favorites among eBay's most undesirables.

There's no arguing that movie news drives the secondary market. As longtime collectors know all too well, there is a finite life cycle for the elevated interest in those accompanying key issues. From the time the initial rumors hit the gossip sites to the film's streaming release, the clock is ticking. Even for the best of comic book adaptations, it's a relatively small window for turning profits. When the movie is bad, that window is closed as quickly as it opened. Such has been the case with a few of this week's Coldest Comics contenders.

Before we get to the fun part, it's time for your reminder. The Hottest Comics is based on the eBay sales volume, and fair market values are not part of that equation. Below, you will find the comics with the biggest drop in sales over the past 10, 30, 60, 90, and 180 days. These are data snapshots, and the rankings are updated daily, so the numbers you see on the Market Overview may be different than what is listed below.


90. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #265 (-50)

This is an issue that might be worth keeping an eye on. Debuting in 1985, Silver Sable first appeared in ASM #265, and she's been a recurring character in the near-30 years since her introduction. In that time, she's gained a decent following and even starred in Silver Sable and the Wild Pack back in 1992. She's even made it to animated form, but fans have yet to see her in live action. Therein lies their frustration.

ASM #265 has been getting the yo-yo treatment from comic collectors for years. It began with the initial reports that Sony was developing a Silver Sable/Black Cat movie. Just when fans got excited, the idea was shut down. However, it would resurface, and this time Sony was serious about bringing their story to life, right? Not exactly. For a second time, the studio axed the movie, and it's been sitting in the trashcan ever since.

Will we ever see Silver Sable on the silver screen? There is still hope. Despite Sony's horrible track record with its live-action Spider-Man spin offs, the studio is courageously charging forward with bad ideas. Kraven the Hunter is on the way, and there's been rumors for a couple of years that Silver Sable will be incorporated into that movie. If it pans out, that could be the moment ASM #265 investors have been waiting to hear.



March did not look kindly on what had been a red hot issue of Wolverine.

A year ago, collectors were scrambling to get their copies of the Wolverine #88 deluxe edition after Ryan Reynolds and company landed Hugh Jackman in the third Deadpool flick. As soon as fans saw Jackman in the trailer, sales went through the roof for Wade and Logan's first meeting. Like every other comic, there were ebbs and flows, but it essentially stayed toward the top of the sales charts...up until a month ago.

Just because this key issue is clinging to the top 100, there's no reason to fret. Sales may be down, but prices are not. At the moment, the graded 9.8 is averaging $404, and one copy has sold for over $600 this year. The closer we get to Deadpool & Wolverine's release date, the more likely Wolverine #88 will come back into fashion.


47. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #210 (-47)

While Wolverine #88 may have a sunny outlook, the prognosis isn't so cheerful for ASM #210. On one hand, Madame Web's first appearance remains in the Hottest Comics index, so buyers are still interested. However, it took a mighty dip of almost 50 spots compared to this time two months ago.

We all know the culprit: Sony's latest bust of a Marvel adaptation, Madame Web. When the first reports surfaced of the Spider-Verse's resident clairvoyant getting her own movie, it was puzzling. Then again, this is Sony, and we've come to expect odd decisions from the studio. Despite the trepidation from moviegoers, collectors and investors lit the beacons for ASM #210, and it climbed through the rankings.

As many fans predicted, the film was yet another dud, and with that box office failure came a loss in interest for Madame Web's one true key issue. Being a recurring Spider-Man character, there will always be genuine fans looking to add this to their long boxes, but investors won't be returning to this well for some time.



The Hasbro camp has been awfully quiet as of late, and G.I. Joe's first comic book's slip in the rankings is a direct result of just that. However, with the teased Transformers/G.I. Joe team-up movie in development, this could be an opportunity for keen investors.

As mentioned in prior blogs, 1980s nostalgia is en vogue. From Indiana Jones to Ghostbusters and Michael Keaton's return as Batman, movie studios have been banking on those childhood memories to bring results at the box office. In the past 20 years, G.I. Joe has had its share of movies, but 2021's Snake Eyes was a surprise hit that rekindled interest in the film franchise. Then came Transformers: Beast Wars, and the mention of G.I. Joe had '80s kids dancing in the aisles.

At the moment, G.I. Joe #1 is languishing in 92nd over the past three months, and it might even fall outside the top 100 altogether. That's nothing to worry about. This comic is bound to get hot again in due time, so hold tight and wait for that Transformers/G.I. Joe trailer.

180 DAYS

96 HULK #1 (-44)

In the fast-paced world of superhero movie news, six months is an eternity. Between Marvel and DC, there's another blockbuster announcement practically every couple of weeks while the gossip and rumors never rest. It keeps buyers in a sprint for the latest key issues with every scrap of information. Like G.I. Joe #1, 2008's Hulk #1 has been cast aside due to a lack of newsworthy tidbits.

The last reports centered on Harrison Ford taking over the role of Thunderbolt Ross. He's set to play the character in Captain America: Brave New World, and the indication is that we'll see Thunderbolt transform into Red Hulk in all his CG glory. When word first spread of Ragin' Red getting his live-action debut, Hulk #1, with Red Hulk front and center on the cover, skyrocketed in popularity. Since then, the fires have cooled substantially. Such is the case when things grow quiet on the movie front.

There's no doubt that Red Hulk will arrive in the MCU; it's a matter of when rather than if. Will we see him in the fourth Captain America film or will Marvel make viewers wait until Thunderbolts hits theaters? Only Kevin Feige knows for sure. Rest assured, Hulk #1 will get a dose of gamma rays when the question is answered.