When I look back on my younger years, there's one video game console that outdoes the rest. One that captured my imagination and heart and made my summer breaks more enjoyable. The Nintendo 64.


The Nintendo 64 boasted a 64 bit CPU and GPU, a far cry from the early 8 bit days! The system was also the last cartridge-based console that came out in the '90s -- console fans wouldn't see that again until the Nintendo Switch. This was also a bold move on Nintendo's part, as their contemporaries had all switched to discs. Nintendo's decision to stay with cartridges might have been a gamble, but the Nintendo 64 was one of the most popular consoles of its time. During the Nintendo 64 run between 1996-2001, the system sold under 33 million units worldwide.

The majority of people buying this console likely had the standard charcoal console. Over the console's life, Nintendo released 20 different versions. These versions included an adorable Pokemon version, brightly colored versions, and a few other limited release consoles. The limited release versions included (but were not limited to) a Toys R Us gold edition, an All Nippon Airways console, and a Hyundai Comboy console. My favorite of the consoles is the Funtastic consoles. The Funtastic consoles were a series of see-through bodies in various colors, including Jungle Green, Ice Blue, Grape Purple, Fire Orange, Smoke, and Watermelon Red. While I wouldn't consider them a rare version of the beloved console, some colors have been known to be more expensive than their counterparts.

What are some of these different versions worth?

Over the years I've amassed a collection of various versions of the Nintendo 64. Because of this, I've noticed a trend where the Funtastic consoles typically go for more than $100. Fire Orange itself has been commanding prices of $300+ in recent auctions. Typically colors such as the Jungle Green and Ice Blue have hovered around the $130 price point. The Watermelon Red ranges from $80- $300.

The Pokemon version -- which features a molded Pikachu and Pokeball on the console -- can also go for a fair amount. The standard blue Pokemon edition console averages out to $150, while the orange version (which some would say is slightly rarer) has sold from as low as $80 all the way to $300. The gold console routinely goes for more than $110, and sometimes will break the $300 price point -- but this is usually due to having more than one controller ad game included.

Should you invest in a Nintendo 64?

Are these consoles worth investing in? Personally, I find these to be a mostly safe venture. Obviously the more you sell with the console (such as games and controllers) the more you'll make. Having the original box will also help you make a profit. Personally, I don't see anyone turning a profit on these immediately after purchasing them, but you do stand to make your money back if you're looking for a quick flip. If you're buying one just to relive your childhood (or to play the Nintendo 64 for the first time), you can't go wrong. The typical charcoal console can be had for as low as $20 in some cases.

The games for the Nintendo 64 are just as great and diverse as the consoles, but that's another post for another day.

Are you a fan of the Nintendo 64? Let us know in the comments below!


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