Uncanny X-Men #519I noticed the following in a recent email from Collectorz.com:

One of the advantages of running our own online media databases is that we can track which items are the most popular. This helps our content managers Martin and Rowdy to focus their attention on these popular releases. And it also lets us generate nice top 10 lists like the ones below. These are the most popular 2009 releases, as indicated by the number of search queries in our online database:

Here is the top ten list for comics. It appears to be a list of series, as opposed to individual issues.

1. The Uncanny X-Men [Marvel Comics]
2. The Amazing Spider-Man, Vol. 2 [Marvel Comics]
3. Batman [DC Comics]
4. X-Men [Marvel Comics]
5. Action Comics [DC Comics]
6. Detective Comics [DC Comics]
7. New Avengers [Marvel Comics]
8. Green Lantern, Vol. 4 [DC Comics]
9. Wolverine, Vol. 3 [Marvel Comics]
10. Fantastic Four, Vol. 3 [Marvel Comics]