BABBLEMedia Release -- Com.x is happy to announce its latest acquisition: Written by Lee Robson and illustrated by Bryan Coyle, Babble was originally slated for release by Insomnia Publications before the company's demise last year.

Carrie Hartnoll is a girl lost in a life going nowhere fast, until a chance encounter with an ex-boyfriend affords her the opportunity of a whole new career in Ivy League America, working as part of a research team attempting to resurrect the language of Babel - a language, it is theorised, that can be understood by any human, from anywhere in the world.

As Carrie pieces together her fractured personal life, she becomes embroiled in the mystery surrounding the apparent suicide of the project's original team leader, which propels her to uncover the horrific truth about the language and why it was written out of the history books...

About the Creative Team

LEE ROBSON hails from the north east of England and is quickly gaining ground in the UK independent press scene. His work has featured in the Eagle Award nominated FutureQuake, and its sister publication, horror anthology Something Wicked. He's also a regular contributor to Accent UK's series of themed anthologies (Robots and Western are out now, Predators will be out in 2011) and Victoriana is due to follow in 2011)

BRYAN COYLE - Irishman Bryan Coyle is a veteran of the Irish and UK independent press scene. As well as self-publishing the abominable Pony School and dabbling with web comics such as the Doctor Who spin-off The Forge, he's also a regular contributor to the Eagle Award nominated FutureQuake, its sister publications MangaQuake and Something Wicked, the award-winning Solar Wind, the acclaimed Omnivistascope and the Accent UK series of themed graphic novels.