Spring is certainly starting out on the right foot for collectors! This week Heritage is featuring more groovy finds in their continuation of Doug's Dell & Gold Key Comics Collection. There are a lot of high-grade books, including several file copies and pedigrees. This is a great auction for fans of the imprints, and shouldn't be overlooked. As always, here are my pics of the top gems in this week's auction!

Four Color $137 Roy Rogers Comics

This comic immediately caught my eye thanks to that beautiful photo cover. This cover is clean -- so much so that it looks like it was just pulled from the newsstand! The blues absolutely pop here, and this really shows just how great Golden Age photo covers could be. While we still have photo covers today, there's something timeless and ethereal about the photo covers from the Golden Age!

Few of these have been graded thus far, and as such, they seldom come up for auction. This Promise Collection Pedigree has a grade of 7.5 with white pages. Currently, there is no sales data for this type of book, but for comparison, a CGC blue label 8.0 sold for $288 in January 2022. In September of that same year, an 8.5 sold for $109.

Four Color #1061 Buffalo Bee

After World War II, pop culture saw a shift from superheroes fighting the war effort, to Western themes and other slice-of-life books and shows. Roy Rogers, The Lone Ranger, and Buffalo Bee were some examples of how vintage Western stories entranced Americans. Buffalo Bee wasn't a huge Western character -- and truth be told, I had never heard of this character until this auction. But this cover is brightly colored and simply adorable. Four Color only did three Buffalo Bee covers, with this being the last one.

Currently, there are only 6 on the census, making this a fun find. This CGC blue label 9.4 features off-white to white pages with colors that absolutely sing! This book has a one-year average of $288, making this an attractive and affordable book.

Movie Classics: Frankenstein #1

We love a good painted cover here. They add depth and beauty to any cover, and they feel special. This second printing of Movie Classics: Frankenstein is horror gold! Featuring Boris Karloff's infamous Monster, the cover puts him in a more modern setting. The interior art is colorful and bold, with the Monster being drawn in hues of green and red. If you can find an ungraded copy, I urge you to. The story is terrific!

This CGC blue label 9.6 has off-white to white pages and presents extremely well. Universal Monster items are always a hot ticket, even if they're a second printing. This is the highest grade awarded for this comic. However, this book seldom comes up for auction in any grade. The last time a similar 9.4 was sold was in February of 2014 when this exact book sold for $240. Before that, the book sold in July 2009 for $15.

The most recent sale for any graded example was a CGC blue label 8.0 that sold for $150 in April of 2021. If you're looking for a cool monster book, this is it!

*Any perceived investment advice is that of the freelance blogger and does not represent advice on behalf of GoCollect.