ComicList: BOOM! Studios New Releases for Wednesday, April 3, 2024, by Charles LePage. #NCBD #NewComicBookDay #ReadMoreComics

Damn Them All Volume 2 TP, $19.99
Ghostlore #9 (Cover A Reiko Murakami), $4.99
Ghostlore #9 (Cover B Jorge Coelho), $4.99
Ghostlore #9 (Cover C Jorge Coelho Virgin Variant), AR
Ghostlore #9 (Cover D Sebastian Fiumara Virgin Variant), AR
Grim #16 (Cover A Flaviano), $3.99
Grim #16 (Cover B Skylar Patridge), $3.99
Grim #16 (Cover C Skylar Patridge Black/White/Red Virgin Variant), AR
Grim #16 (Cover D Annie Wu Virgin Variant, AR
Grim #16 (Cover E Riley Rossmo Virgin Variant), AR
Grim #16 (Cover F Francis Manapul Reveal Variant), AR
Grim #16 (Cover G Flaviano Virgin Variant), AR
Ranger Academy #6 (Cover A Miguel Mercado), $3.99
Ranger Academy #6 (Cover B Blue Blank Variant), $3.99
Ranger Academy #6 (Cover C Jo Mi-Gyeong), AR
Ranger Academy #6 (Cover D Brenna Bythewood Virgin Variant), AR

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