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PLEASE NOTE- Not all of these titles will actually arrive in all stores. Let me know if any of the names or numbers are wrong.

Items being released this week per sources other than Diamond Distribution are individually noted.

12/29/10,"007 MAGAZINE & ARCHIVE LTD","007 Magazine Archive Bond Girls Of The 1980s",$17.00
12/29/10,"12 GAUGE COMICS","Boondock Saints Head Of The Snake #2 (Of 2)(release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)",$3.99
12/29/10,"ACCENT UK","Man Of Glass GN",$5.95
12/29/10,"APE ENTERTAINMENT","Penguins Of Madagascar #2 (Of 4)",$3.95
12/29/10,"APE ENTERTAINMENT","Shrek #2 (Of 4)",$3.95
12/29/10,"ARCHIE COMICS","Archie & Friends All-Stars Volume 7 Betty & Veronica Storybook TP",$9.95
12/29/10,"ARCHIE COMICS","Life With Archie Married Life #6",$3.99
12/29/10,"ARCHIE COMICS","Veronica #204",$2.99
12/29/10,"ARCHIE COMICS","World Of Archie Double Digest #3",$3.99
12/29/10,"AVATAR PRESS","Neonomicon #1 (Of 4)(Jacen Burrows Chicago Con Edition)(release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)",$3.99
12/29/10,"AVATAR PRESS","Night Of The Living Dead #1 (Of 5)(Raulo Caceres Auxiliary Edition)(release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)",$3.99
12/29/10,"BALLISTIC PUBLISHING","EXOTIQUE Volume 6 The Worlds Most Beautiful CG Characters SC (release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)",$59.00
12/29/10,"BARRONS EDUCATIONAL SERIES","How To Draw And Paint Vampires A Complete Art Course Built Around This Legendary World SC",$21.99
12/29/10,"BLACK LIBRARY","Garro Oath Of The Moment Audio Book (Warhammer 40k Horus Heresy)","AR"
12/29/10,"BLAST BOOKS","Drew Friedman's Sideshow Freaks HC",$19.95
12/29/10,"BLUEWATER PRODUCTIONS","Fame #9 (Lady Gaga Part 2)(release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)",$3.99
12/29/10,"BLUEWATER PRODUCTIONS","Female Force #21 (Betty White)",$3.99
12/29/10,"BOOK PALACE","Conan Of Cimmeria Volume 3 Limited Deluxe HC (Artist Edition)",$345.99
12/29/10,"BOOK PALACE","Frank Bellamy Complete Swift Stories HC (Deluxe Leather Edition)",$225.99
12/29/10,"BOOM! STUDIOS","Amory Wars In Keeping Secrets Of Silent Earth 3 #5 (Of 12)(NYCC Variant Cover)",$9.99
12/29/10,"CINEFEX","Cinefex #124 (October 2010)",$12.50
12/29/10,"COMIC SHOP NEWS","Comic Shop News #1228","AR"
12/29/10,"DARK HORSE","Buffy The Vampire Slayer Tales HC",$29.99
12/29/10,"DARK HORSE","Hellboy The Sleeping And The Dead #1 (Of 2)(Mike Mignola Variant Cover)",$3.50
12/29/10,"DARK HORSE","Hellboy The Sleeping And The Dead #1 (Of 2)(Scott Hampton Regular Cover)",$3.50
12/29/10,"DARK HORSE","John Carter Of Mars Weird Worlds TP",$14.99
12/29/10,"DARK HORSE","Oh My Goddess Volume 16 TP (release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)",$11.99
12/29/10,"DC COMICS","Action Comics #896",$3.99
12/29/10,"DC COMICS","All-New Batman The Brave And The Bold #2",$2.99
12/29/10,"DC COMICS","Ame-Comi Heroine Series Artemis PVC Figure",$60.00
12/29/10,"DC COMICS","Ame-Comi Heroine Series Catwoman V.1 Purple Suit Variant PVC Figure",$60.00
12/29/10,"DC COMICS","Batman The Dark Knight #1 (Andy Clarke Variant Cover)","AR"
12/29/10,"DC COMICS","Batman The Dark Knight #1 (David Finch Regular Cover)",$3.99
12/29/10,"DC COMICS","Batman The Dark Knight #1 (David Finch Sketch Variant Cover)","AR"
12/29/10,"DC COMICS","DC Chronicles Green Lantern Statue",$99.99
12/29/10,"DC COMICS","DC Chronicles The Flash Statue",$99.99
12/29/10,"DC COMICS","DC Comics Presents JLA #1",$7.99
12/29/10,"DC COMICS","DC Comics Presents T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents #1",$7.99
12/29/10,"DC COMICS","Detective Comics #872",$3.99
12/29/10,"DC COMICS","Flash #8 (Scott Kolins Regular Cover)",$2.99
12/29/10,"DC COMICS","Flash #8 (Stanley 'Artgerm' Lau Variant Cover)","AR"
12/29/10,"DC COMICS","Gears Of War #15",$3.99
12/29/10,"DC COMICS","Gotham City Sirens #18",$2.99
12/29/10,"DC COMICS","Green Arrow #7 (Gene Ha Variant Cover)","AR"
12/29/10,"DC COMICS","Green Arrow #7 (Mauro Cascioli Regular Cover)",$2.99
12/29/10,"DC COMICS","Green Lantern #61 (Alex Garner Variant Cover)","AR"
12/29/10,"DC COMICS","Green Lantern #61 (Doug Mahnke & Christian Alamy Regular Cover)",$2.99
12/29/10,"DC COMICS","Jack Of Fables #49",$2.99
12/29/10,"DC COMICS","JLA The 99 #3 (Of 6)",$3.99
12/29/10,"DC COMICS","Justice Society Of America #46",$2.99
12/29/10,"DC COMICS","Michael Keaton As Batman Bust",$80.00
12/29/10,"DC COMICS","Red Eyes Only #1 (was 'Red Prequel Special')(One Shot)",$4.99
12/29/10,"DC COMICS","Scalped #44",$2.99
12/29/10,"DC COMICS","Teen Titans #90 (Karl Kerschl Variant Cover)","AR"
12/29/10,"DC COMICS","Teen Titans #90 (Nicola Scott & Doug Hazlewood Regular Cover)",$2.99
12/29/10,"DC COMICS","Tiny Titans #35",$2.99
12/29/10,"DE AGOSTINI UK","Star Wars Official Figurine Collection Magazine #12 (Count Dooku)",$14.00
12/29/10,"DIAMOND PUBLICATIONS","Game Trade Magazine #131","AR"
12/29/10,"DIAMOND PUBLICATIONS","Previews #268 (January 2011)","AR"
12/29/10,"DRAWN AND QUARTERLY","Bigfoot HC",$19.95
12/29/10,"FANTAGRAPHICS BOOKS","Crickets #3",$8.00
12/29/10,"FLESK PUBLICATIONS","Jim Silke Jungle Girls SC",$24.95
12/29/10,"FUTURE PUBLISHING","SFX Special #47 (Dr Who)",$18.99
12/29/10,"GAMES WORKSHOP","Wulfrik MMPB (Warhammer Heroes)",$8.99
12/29/10,"HEAVY METAL MAGAZINE","Heavy Metal March 2011 (release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)",$6.95
12/29/10,"HIGH SPEED PRODUCTIONS","Juxtapoz #120 (January 2011)",$5.99
12/29/10,"IDW PUBLISHING","G.I. JOE #25 (Robert Atkins Regular Cover)",$3.99
12/29/10,"IDW PUBLISHING","G.I. JOE #25 (Trevor Hutchison Variant Cover)","AR"
12/29/10,"IDW PUBLISHING","G.I. Joe Disavowed Volume 2 TP",$24.99
12/29/10,"IDW PUBLISHING","Transformers Best Of Starscream TP",$19.99
12/29/10,"IDW PUBLISHING","Transformers Sector 7 #4 (Of 5)(Brian Rood Regular Cover)",$3.99
12/29/10,"IDW PUBLISHING","Transformers Sector 7 #4 (Of 5)(Joe Suitor Variant Cover)","AR"
12/29/10,"IDW PUBLISHING","True Blood #6 (Of 6)(David Messina Regular Cover)",$3.99
12/29/10,"IDW PUBLISHING","True Blood #6 (Of 6)(Joe Corroney Regular Cover)",$3.99
12/29/10,"IDW PUBLISHING","True Blood #6 (Of 6)(Joe Corroney Sketch Variant Cover)","AR"
12/29/10,"IDW PUBLISHING","True Blood #6 (Of 6)(Photo Variant Cover)","AR"
12/29/10,"IMAGE COMICS","Bulletproof Coffin #6 (Of 6)",$3.99
12/29/10,"IMAGE COMICS","Darkness Accursed Volume 4 TP",$14.99
12/29/10,"IMAGE COMICS","Echoes #1 (Of 5)",$2.99
12/29/10,"IMAGE COMICS","Elephantmen #29",$3.50
12/29/10,"IMAGE COMICS","Emitown TP",$24.99
12/29/10,"IMAGE COMICS","Magdalena Origins Volume 1 TP (Of 2)",$14.99
12/29/10,"IMAGE COMICS","TMP Sports NFL Romo/Austin Action Figure 2-Pack Case","AR"
12/29/10,"IMAGE COMICS","Tracker Volume 1 TP",$19.99
12/29/10,"MARKOSIA ENTERPRISES","Young Sherlock Holmes Adventures GN",$15.95
12/29/10,"MARVEL COMICS","Astonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine #4 (Of 6)",$3.99
12/29/10,"MARVEL COMICS","Astonishing X-Men Xenogenesis #4 (Of 5)",$3.99
12/29/10,"MARVEL COMICS","Atlas Return Of The Three Dimensional Man TP",$16.99
12/29/10,"MARVEL COMICS","Avengers #8",$3.99
12/29/10,"MARVEL COMICS","Avengers Assemble Volume 1 TP",$34.99
12/29/10,"MARVEL COMICS","Bullseye Perfect Game #2 (Of 2)",$3.99
12/29/10,"MARVEL COMICS","Captain America #613",$3.99
12/29/10,"MARVEL COMICS","Carnage #2 (Of 5)(Arthur Adams Variant Cover)","AR"
12/29/10,"MARVEL COMICS","Carnage #2 (Of 5)(Clayton Crain Regular Cover)",$3.99
12/29/10,"MARVEL COMICS","Chaos War X-Men #1 (Of 2)",$3.99
12/29/10,"MARVEL COMICS","Civil War The Underside HC",$39.99
12/29/10,"MARVEL COMICS","Daken Dark Wolverine #4 (Giuseppe Camuncoli Regular Cover)",$2.99
12/29/10,"MARVEL COMICS","Daken Dark Wolverine #4 (Marko Djurdjevic Variant Cover)","AR"
12/29/10,"MARVEL COMICS","Deadpool Corps #9",$2.99
12/29/10,"MARVEL COMICS","Deadpool Corps Prelude TP",$14.99
12/29/10,"MARVEL COMICS","Deadpool Team-Up #886",$2.99
12/29/10,"MARVEL COMICS","Essential Avengers Volume 6 TP (All-New Edition)",$19.99
12/29/10,"MARVEL COMICS","Halo Fall Of Reach Boot Camp #3 (Of 4)",$3.99
12/29/10,"MARVEL COMICS","Heroic Age X-Men #1",$3.99
12/29/10,"MARVEL COMICS","Hulk #28",$3.99
12/29/10,"MARVEL COMICS","Incognito Bad Influences #2 (release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)",$3.50
12/29/10,"MARVEL COMICS","Ka-Zar By Mark Waid & Andy Kubert Volume 1 TP",$19.99
12/29/10,"MARVEL COMICS","Marvel 2011 Calendar (Promotional Item)(per Marvel Comics)","AR"
12/29/10,"MARVEL COMICS","Marvel Masterworks Marvel Team-Up Volume 1 HC (Book Market Edition)",$54.99
12/29/10,"MARVEL COMICS","Marvel Masterworks Marvel Team-Up Volume 1 HC (Direct Market Variant Edition Volume 150)",$54.99
12/29/10,"MARVEL COMICS","Marvel Masterworks The Uncanny X-Men Volume 3 TP (Book Market Edition)(per Marvel Comics)",$24.99
12/29/10,"MARVEL COMICS","Marvel Masterworks The Uncanny X-Men Volume 3 TP (Direct Market Variant Edition Volume 24)",$24.99
12/29/10,"MARVEL COMICS","Marvel Previews #89 (For Products On-Sale March 2011)","AR"
12/29/10,"MARVEL COMICS","Nemesis #4 (Of 4)(Leinil Francis Yu Triple Variant Cover)","AR"
12/29/10,"MARVEL COMICS","Nemesis #4 (Of 4)(Mark Millar Variant Cover)","AR"
12/29/10,"MARVEL COMICS","Nemesis #4 (Of 4)(Steve McNiven Regular Cover)",$2.99
12/29/10,"MARVEL COMICS","New Mutants #20",$2.99
12/29/10,"MARVEL COMICS","One Month To Live HC (Premiere Edition)",$19.99
12/29/10,"MARVEL COMICS","Osborn #2 (Of 4)",$3.99
12/29/10,"MARVEL COMICS","S.H.I.E.L.D. #5 (Dustin Weaver Historical Variant Cover)","AR"
12/29/10,"MARVEL COMICS","S.H.I.E.L.D. #5 (Gerald Parel Regular Cover)",$2.99
12/29/10,"MARVEL COMICS","Secret Warriors #23",$2.99
12/29/10,"MARVEL COMICS","Secret Warriors Volume 3 Wake The Beast TP",$15.99
12/29/10,"MARVEL COMICS","Siege Thor TP",$15.99
12/29/10,"MARVEL COMICS","Siege Thunderbolts TP",$15.99
12/29/10,"MARVEL COMICS","Spider-Girl #2",$2.99
12/29/10,"MARVEL COMICS","Spider-Man Black Cat TP",$16.99
12/29/10,"MARVEL COMICS","Super Hero Squad Infinity Sword Quest TP",$14.99
12/29/10,"MARVEL COMICS","Supreme Power Nighthawk TP (New Printing)",$19.99
12/29/10,"MARVEL COMICS","Thunderstrike #2 (Of 5)(per Marvel Comics)",$3.99
12/29/10,"MARVEL COMICS","Tomb Of Dracula Omnibus Volume 3 HC (Arthur Adams Book Market Cover)",$99.99
12/29/10,"MARVEL COMICS","Tomb Of Dracula Omnibus Volume 3 HC (Gene Colan Direct Market Cover)",$99.99
12/29/10,"MARVEL COMICS","Tomb Of Dracula Volume 3 TP",$24.99
12/29/10,"MARVEL COMICS","Ultimate Comics Avengers 3 #5 (Of 6)",$3.99
12/29/10,"MARVEL COMICS","Ultimate Comics Thor #3 (Of 4)",$3.99
12/29/10,"MARVEL COMICS","What If #200",$4.99
12/29/10,"MARVEL COMICS","Widowmaker #2 (Of 4)(Jae Lee Regular Cover)",$3.99
12/29/10,"MARVEL COMICS","Widowmaker #2 (Of 4)(Paul Renaud Variant Cover)","AR"
12/29/10,"MARVEL COMICS","X-23 #4 (Leinil Francis Yu Regular Cover)",$2.99
12/29/10,"MARVEL COMICS","X-23 #4 (Marko Djurdjevic Variant Cover)","AR"
12/29/10,"MARVEL COMICS","X-Force Cable & The New Mutants HC (Premiere Edition)(Book Market Edition)",$24.99
12/29/10,"MARVEL COMICS","X-Force Cable & The New Mutants HC (Premiere Edition)(Direct Market Variant Edition Volume 55)",$24.99
12/29/10,"MARVEL COMICS","X-Men Forever 2 #14",$3.99
12/29/10,"MARVEL COMICS","X-Men To Serve And Protect #2 (Of 4)",$3.99
12/29/10,"NBM","Story Of Lee Volume 1 GN (release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)",$11.99
12/29/10,"RADIO COMIX","Bureau Of Mana Investigation Volume 1 TP (release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)",$15.99
12/29/10,"REBELLION / 2000AD","Judge Dredd Megazine #305",$11.99
12/29/10,"SECRET ACRES","Capacity GN (New Printing)(release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)",$20.00
12/29/10,"TITAN PUBLISHING","Star Trek Magazine #31 (Newsstand Edition)(release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)",$6.99
12/29/10,"TOKYOPOP","AiON Volume 1 GN",$10.99
12/29/10,"TOKYOPOP","Alice In The Country Of Hearts Volume 5 GN (Of 5)",$10.99
12/29/10,"TOKYOPOP","Aria Volume 6 GN (Of 12)",$10.99
12/29/10,"TOKYOPOP","Chibi Vampire Bites Official Fan Book SC",$12.99
12/29/10,"TOKYOPOP","Future Diary Volume 9 GN (Of 10)",$10.99
12/29/10,"TOKYOPOP","Gatcha Gacha Volume 8 GN (Of 8)",$12.99
12/29/10,"TOKYOPOP","Hanako And The Terror Of Allegory Volume 3 GN (Of 4)",$10.99
12/29/10,"TOKYOPOP","Happy Cafe Volume 6 GN (Of 15)",$10.99
12/29/10,"TOKYOPOP","Hetalia Axis Powers Volume 2 GN (Of 3)",$10.99
12/29/10,"TOKYOPOP","Karakuri Odette Volume 5 GN (Of 6)",$12.99
12/29/10,"TOKYOPOP","Neko Ramen Volume 3 A Cat After All GN (Of 4)",$10.99
12/29/10,"TOKYOPOP","NG Life Volume 8 GN (Of 9)",$12.99
12/29/10,"TOKYOPOP","Ratman Volume 3 GN (Of 6)",$10.99
12/29/10,"TOKYOPOP","Secret Notes Of Lady Kanoko Volume 1 GN (Of 3)",$10.99
12/29/10,"TOKYOPOP","Silver Diamond Volume 8 After Death GN (Of 20)",$10.99
12/29/10,"TOKYOPOP","V.B. Rose Volume 11 GN (Of 14)",$10.99
12/29/10,"UDON ENTERTAINMENT","Street Fighter Gaiden Volume 2 TP",$13.95
12/29/10,"UDON ENTERTAINMENT","Street Fighter II The Ultimate Edition Complete Second & Third Series TP (release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)",$59.99
12/29/10,"UDON ENTERTAINMENT","Street Fighter The Ultimate Edition Complete First Series TP (New Edition)",$59.99
12/29/10,"VON ALLAN STUDIO","Stargazer Volume 1 GN (release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)",$14.95
12/29/10,"WIZARD ENTERTAINMENT","Wizard Magazine #234",$5.99
12/29/10,"WORKMAN PUBLISHING","Papertoy Monsters Make Your Very Own Amazing Papertoys SC",$16.95
12/29/10,"Games - ALLIANCE GAMES DISTRIBUTORS","Memoir 44 Winter Wars Expansion","AR"
12/29/10,"Games - FANTASY FLIGHT PUBLISHING INC","Civilization Board Game",$59.95
12/29/10,"Games - FANTASY FLIGHT PUBLISHING INC","Warhammer Fantasy RP GM Vault",$29.95
12/29/10,"Games - FANTASY FLIGHT PUBLISHING INC","Warhammer Fantasy RP Players Vault",$39.95
12/29/10,"Games - FANTASY FLIGHT PUBLISHING INC","Warhammer LCG Fourth Waystone Battle Pack",$14.95
12/29/10,"Games - FLYING FROG PRODUCTIONS LLC","Invasion Outer Space Martian Game",$59.95
12/29/10,"Games - MAYFAIR GAMES","Catan Card Game 2010 Edition",$20.00
12/29/10,"Games - MAYFAIR GAMES","Settlers Of Catan 15th Anniversary Wood Edition",$150.00
12/29/10,"Games - PSI","Gurps RPG Low Tech",$29.99
12/29/10,"Games - USAOPOLY","Risk Halo Wars Collectors Edition","AR"
12/29/10,"Videos","DC Showcase Superman & Shazam Return Of The Black Adam Blu-Ray","AR"
12/29/10,"Videos","Doctor Who 2010 Blu-Ray Season 5 Season 5","AR"
12/29/10,"Videos","Eyeshield 21 DVD Collection 3","AR"
12/29/10,"Videos","Gintama DVD Collection 3","AR"
12/29/10,"Videos","Inception Blu-Ray","AR"
12/29/10,"Videos","Kimikiss Pure Rouge DVD Collection 2","AR"
12/29/10,"Videos","Legend Of The Guardians Owls Of Gahoole Blu-Ray","AR"
12/29/10,"Videos","Legend Of The Guardians Owls Of Gahoole DVD Widescreen","AR"
12/29/10,"Videos","Nyan Koi Complete Collection DVD","AR"
12/29/10,"Merchandise","Black Butler Tote Bag",$16.99
12/29/10,"Merchandise","Creators Labo #26 NGE Asuka Langley PVC Figure",$124.95
12/29/10,"Merchandise","Cthulhu Midnight Reaver Nyarlathotep Plush",$19.99
12/29/10,"Merchandise","Deus Machina Demonbane Al Azif PVC Statue",$124.95
12/29/10,"Merchandise","Disney Britto Mickey Ears Black & White Box",$30.00
12/29/10,"Merchandise","Disney Showcase Laughing Figurine Displayer",$35.00
12/29/10,"Merchandise","Disney Showcase Winnie The Pooh Bank",$35.00
12/29/10,"Merchandise","Disney Traditions Tinker Bell Figurine December",$27.50
12/29/10,"Merchandise","Disney Traditions Tinker Bell Figurine November",$27.50
12/29/10,"Merchandise","Disney Traditions Tinker Bell Figurine October",$27.50
12/29/10,"Merchandise","Disney Traditions Tinker Bell Monthly Displayer",$40.00
12/29/10,"Merchandise","Doctor Who 11th Doctor Diecast Sonic Screwdriver",$39.99
12/29/10,"Merchandise","Doctor Who Adipose Stress Toy",$24.99
12/29/10,"Merchandise","Doctor Who Dalek Exterminated Mug",$8.99
12/29/10,"Merchandise","Doctor Who Electronic Key Fob",$12.99
12/29/10,"Merchandise","Doctor Who Levitating Timelords Spinning Tardis",$42.99
12/29/10,"Merchandise","Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Ink Pen",$24.99
12/29/10,"Merchandise","Doctor Who Tardis Emergency Fund Key Fob",$12.99
12/29/10,"Merchandise","Dreadnought Mini Bust 2 Pack",$90.00
12/29/10,"Merchandise","Fisher Price Record Player",$30.99
12/29/10,"Merchandise","Grinch Good Boy Max Waterglobe",$32.50
12/29/10,"Merchandise","Halo Universe Remote Control Banshee","AR"
12/29/10,"Merchandise","Marvel Heroes 6 Piece Can Hugger Set",$35.99
12/29/10,"Merchandise","Marvel Heroes 6 Piece Card Case Assortment","AR"
12/29/10,"Merchandise","Marvel Minimates Series 37 Assortment","AR"
12/29/10,"Merchandise","Marvel Select Magneto Action Figure",$21.99
12/29/10,"Merchandise","Marvel Select Magneto Action Figure Case","AR"
12/29/10,"Merchandise","Naruto Shippuden 4-in Series 1 Action Figure Assortment","AR"
12/29/10,"Merchandise","Naruto Shippuden Deidara Plush",$14.99
12/29/10,"Merchandise","NBX Jack Antenna Topper",$4.99
12/29/10,"Merchandise","NBX Trading Figures Series 1 Extra Display","AR"
12/29/10,"Merchandise","Ouran High School Host Club Honey Bunny Costume Plush",$14.99
12/29/10,"Merchandise","Pez Disney Mickey Blister Pack 12 Count Display","AR"
12/29/10,"Merchandise","Pez Toy Story Blister Pack 12 Count Display","AR"
12/29/10,"Merchandise","Pop Heroes Flash Vinyl Figure",$8.00
12/29/10,"Merchandise","Pop Heroes Green Lantern Vinyl Figure",$8.00
12/29/10,"Merchandise","Pop Heroes Superman Vinyl Figure",$8.00
12/29/10,"Merchandise","Pop Heroes Wonder Woman Vinyl Figure",$8.00
12/29/10,"Merchandise","Power Girl By Hughes T-Shirt LG",$17.95
12/29/10,"Merchandise","Power Girl By Hughes T-Shirt MED",$17.95
12/29/10,"Merchandise","Power Girl By Hughes T-Shirt XL",$17.95
12/29/10,"Merchandise","Power Girl By Hughes T-Shirt XXL",$20.95
12/29/10,"Merchandise","Red Dwarf Talking In Your Pocket",$9.99
12/29/10,"Merchandise","Robot Chicken Action Figure Assortment","AR"
12/29/10,"Merchandise","Rubiks Cube Plush",$14.99
12/29/10,"Merchandise","Serenity Troublemaker Yellow T-Shirt XL",$26.99
12/29/10,"Merchandise","SIF EX Needless Eve PVC Figure (resolicited)",$99.99
12/29/10,"Merchandise","Skelanimals Bill Deluxe Plush",$24.99
12/29/10,"Merchandise","Skelanimals Chip Deluxe Plush",$24.99
12/29/10,"Merchandise","Skelanimals Oliver Deluxe Plush",$24.99
12/29/10,"Merchandise","Skelanimals Pudge Deluxe Plush",$24.99
12/29/10,"Merchandise","Skelanimals Timmy Deluxe Plush",$24.99
12/29/10,"Merchandise","Soul Eater Black Star Messenger Bag",$32.99
12/29/10,"Merchandise","Star Trek Enterprise 1701D 1/1400 Scale Clear Edition Model Kit",$59.99
12/29/10,"Merchandise","Star Wars Ultimate 1/4 Scale Han Solo Mos Eisley Action Figure",$99.99
12/29/10,"Merchandise","Toon Tumblers Justice League Clear Pint Glass",$10.99
12/29/10,"Merchandise","Toon Tumblers Superman Clear Pint Glass",$10.99
12/29/10,"Merchandise","Toon Tumblers Wonder Woman Clear Pint Glass",$10.99
12/29/10,"Merchandise","Tron Legacy Action Figure Wave 1 Assortment","AR"
12/29/10,"Merchandise","Tron Legacy Core Vehicle Wave 1 Assortment","AR"
12/29/10,"Merchandise","Welcome To Pia Carrot 2 Aizawa PVC Figure Maid Version",$129.95
12/29/10,"Merchandise","Wrecking Crew Mini-Bust 4-pack Set",$195.00
12/29/10,"Merchandise","X-1 1/18 Scale Prebuilt Display Model",$59.99

"adult products (ComicList neither recommends or condones the following titles. Read and use this information at your own risk.)",,,
12/29/10,"AMRYL ENTERTAINMENT","Cavewoman Hunt #1 (adult)(Budd Root Special Edition Nude)","AR"
12/29/10,"FANTAGRAPHICS BOOKS/EROS COMIX","Teens At Play #4 (adult)(release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)",$4.95