Manga at TFAWOur friends at MangaCast write "Tough week this one.. Musashi no.9 is still an all-time favorite of mine. And still, I often feel as if I am the only one reading it. Slam Dunk is the same. And I wonder if only the MangaCast has love for Nodame Cantabile."

Land Of Oz Pocket Manga TP Vol 1, $14.95

Musashi #9 TP Vol 16 (resolicited), $9.99
Tears Of A Lamb TP Vol 6, $9.99

Alive GN Vol 7 (resolicited), $11.99
Le Chevalier Deon GN Vol 7, $11.99
Nodame Cantabile GN Vol 16, $11.99

Divine Melody GN Vol 4 (of 6), $9.95

Wendy Pinis Masque Of The Red Death GN Vol 1 (Release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution), $19.99

Baby & Me GN Vol 15, $8.99
Black Bird GN Vol 1, $8.99
BODY GN Vol 6, $8.99
Crimson Hero TP Vol 11, $8.99
D Gray Man GN Vol 14, $7.99
Eyeshield 21 TP Vol 27, $7.99
Haruka Beyond The Stream Of Time GN Vol 5, $8.99
Hikaru No Go TP Vol 16, $7.95
Hoshin Engi TP Vol 14, $7.99
Kaze Hikaru GN Vol 14, $8.99
Legend Of Zelda GN Vol 6 Four Swords Part 1, $7.99
Muhyo & Rojis Bureau of Supernatural Investigation TP Vol 12, $7.99
NORA Last Chronicle Of Devildom GN Vol 6, $7.99
Otomen TP Vol 3, $8.99
Pokemon Adventures TP Vol 2 (2nd Edition), $7.99
Rosario + Vampire GN Vol 8, $7.99
Shonen Jump Vol 7 #9 (September 09), $4.99
Slam Dunk GN Vol 5, $7.99
Vampire Knight TP Vol 7, $8.99
Waq Waq GN Vol 1, $7.99

Cain Trilogy Pack, $26.99

ComicList: Manga for Wednesday, August 5, 2009, by Charles LePage.

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