ComicList: Marvel Comics New Releases for Wednesday, February 16, 2022, by Charles LePage.

Amazing Spider-Man #89 (Cover A Arthur Adams), $3.99
Amazing Spider-Man #89 (Cover B Patrick Gleason), AR
Devil's Reign Superior Four #2 (Of 3)(Cover A Ivan Shavrin), $3.99
Devil's Reign Superior Four #2 (Of 3)(Cover B Superlog), AR
Doctor Strange Omnibus Volume 2 HC (Gene Colan Direct Market Cover), $100.00
Fantastic Four #40 (Cover A Carlos Pacheco), $3.99
Fantastic Four #40 (Cover B Phil Jimenez), AR
Fantastic Four #40 (Cover C R. B. Silva Concept Art Variant), AR
Fantastic Four By Dan Slott Volume 2 HC, $39.99
Howard The Duck By Zdarsky And Quinones Omnibus HC (Joe Quinones Book Market Cover), $60.00
Hulk #4 (Cover A Ryan Ottley), $3.99
Hulk #4 (Cover B Nick Bradshaw X-Gwen Variant), AR
Hulk #4 (Cover C E.M. Gist), AR
Iron Fist #1 (Cover A Jim Cheung), $3.99
Iron Fist #1 (Cover B Nick Dragotta X-Gwen Variant), AR
Iron Fist #1 (Cover C Todd Nauck Headshot Variant), AR
Iron Fist #1 (Cover D Gunji), AR
Iron Fist #1 (Cover E Leinil Francis Yu), AR
King Conan #3 (Of 6)(Cover A Mahmud Asrar), $3.99
King Conan #3 (Of 6)(Cover B Jan Bazaldua), AR
King Conan #3 (Of 6)(Cover C Jay Anacleto), AR
Marvel Masterworks Marvel Two-In-One Volume 6 HC (George Perez Book Market Cover), $75.00
Marvel Masterworks Marvel Two-In-One Volume 6 HC (George Perez Direct Market Cover), $75.00
Marvel's Voices Legacy #1 (Cover A ChrisCross), $5.99
Marvel's Voices Legacy #1 (Cover B Olivier Coipel), AR
Marvel's Voices Legacy #1 (Cover C Taurin Clarke), AR
Marvel's Voices Legacy #1 (Cover D Natacha Bustos), AR
Marvel's Voices Legacy #1 (Cover E Ejiwa Edge Ebenebe), AR
Moon Knight Epic Collection Volume 3 Final Rest TP (New Printing), $44.99
Moon Knight Volume 1 The Midnight Missions TP, $17.99
New Mutants Omnibus Volume 2 HC (Barry Windsor-Smith Book Market Cover), $125.00
Ororo Before The Storm TP, $13.99
S.W.O.R.D. By Al Ewing Volume 2 TP, $19.99
Thor #22 (Cover A Nic Klein), $3.99
Thor #22 (Cover B David Talaski), AR
Thor #22 (Cover C Marc Aspinall X-Gwen Variant), AR
Venom #5 (Cover A Bryan Hitch), $3.99
Venom #5 (Cover B Russell Dauterman X-Gwen Variant), AR
Venom #5 (Cover C Paulo Siqueira), AR
Warhammer 40000 Sisters Of Battle TP, $15.99
X Lives Of Wolverine #3 (Of 5)(Cover A Adam Kubert), $4.99
X Lives Of Wolverine #3 (Of 5)(Cover B Mark Brooks), AR
X Lives Of Wolverine #3 (Of 5)(Cover C Leonardo Romero Animation Style Variant), AR
X Lives Of Wolverine #3 (Of 5)(Cover D Kyle Charles Lives Of Wolverine Variant), AR
X Lives Of Wolverine #3 (Of 5)(Cover E Mark Bagley Trading Card Variant), AR
X Lives Of Wolverine #3 (Of 5)(Cover F Jen Bartel), AR
X-Men #8 (Cover A Pepe Larraz), $3.99
X-Men #8 (Cover B Logan Lubera X-Gwen Variant), AR
X-Men #8 (Cover C Pete Woods), AR
X-Men #8 (Cover D Joshua Sway Swaby Black History Month Variant), AR
X-Men #8 (Cover E Russell Dauterman Trading Card Variant), AR

What If Series 2 24 Piece 3D Foam Bag Clip Blind Mystery Box Display, AR

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