For fans of John Wick, Grace Rosa is a legendary assassin about to go on a suicidal journey through a shadowy underworld to discover the fate of her missing father!

Grace Rosa is an assassin, driven by a single thing: discovering the secret of her adoptive father's disappearance. He trained her to become a lethal killing machine, able to wield any weapon she can get her hands on, before inducting her into the ranks of the shadowy organisation known as Alterna. But could the very people she serves as a hired gun have something to do with him vanishing? And to what lengths will she go to enact her vengeance on the people who have wronged her?

Created by legendary manga creator Himuro Grace Rosa is an action-packed tale of frenzied shootouts and shocking betrayals, perfect for fans of John Wick, Ryuko, and anyone who loves badass women assassins!

Writer/Illustrator: Himuro
Publisher: Titan Manga (Titan Comics imprint)
SC, B&W, 192pp, $12.99
ISBN: 9781787741409
On sale March 26, 2024