The first arc of Orcs in Space comes to an orcdacious conclusion! The orcs dive into a final battle with the Space Rats and Dash Blastoff––will the orcs prevail and survive their first battle with their second enemy, or have their mayhem-making ways finally caught up with them? It's Rat-slaying Time!

"A fun, twisted, nostalgic-galactic road trip filled with a ton of cool characters and a ton of completely over-the-top MAYHEM! Thanks for the ride, I enjoyed it thoroughly!"
–TMNT Co-Creator Kevin Eastman

Orcs in Space #4
(W) Justin Roiland, Rashad Gheith, Abed Gheith, Michael Tanner (A) François Vigneault, Dave Pender, DJ Chavis
On sale date: 9/8/2021