DKImageUnited.jpgMedia Release -- Image's series of guest variants for IMAGE UNITED continues this February with a cover by Pitt creator Dale Keown. The all-new image will adorn the third issue of the six-issue miniseries by Image's founders and will be available both in color and in black and white.

"There are a handful of creators outside the founders with a close association to Image, with Dale very high on that list, so getting him onboard for a guest variant was no-brainer," explained Image Comics Publisher Eric Stephenson. "Between this cover and the recently completed DARKNESS/PITT miniseries, it's a great time for fans of Dale's artwork, and we're all thrilled to have him involved."

Dale Keown's cover features the Image heroes facing off against the IMAGE UNITED's Big Bad, Omega Spawn, both as a nod to the opening pages of series' first issue and as precursor of things to come. Retailers can order as many copies of the color version as they like, but there will also be a limited edition 1:100 version of the cover in pristine black and white, available to qualifying accounts.

IMAGE UNITED #3, a 32-page full color comic book with a cover price of $3.99, will be in-stores February 24.