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Now is the perfect time to enter the DCU title of your choosing with the upcoming DCU Relaunch. Beginning this August, the DCU will relaunch 52 titles with #1 issues, including Action Comics #1 and Detective Comics #1–two of the highest-numbered series in comics. News of this has been the talk of the comics community for weeks, and we're excited to have all 52 issues available for pre-order now!

The thing we're most excited about is that this initiative means that every comic book reader can enter any of the series without previous experience in the DCU. It puts us all at a shared entry point, and we will be able to start this trip together. It's a bold move by DC, and TFAW is making another bold move:

Everyone who orders any of the issues will be automatically entered into our contest to win all 52 DCU Relaunch #1 issues!

Order one of the special issues, get one entry into the contest. Order two of the special issues, get two entries into the contest, and so on.