Scout Comics/Black Caravan is partnering with Hyperkinetic Studios to adapt the video game EPIC TAVERN.

The press release follows:

Media Release -- Scout Comics & Entertainment Holdings, Inc and Hyperkinetic Studios are proud to announce the comic book adaption of the popular video game EPIC TAVERN under their Black Caravan Horror/Sci-Fi Imprint. This October, EPIC TAVERN'S TALES FROM THE FANTASTICAL CRIMES UNIT #1 will hit comic stores worldwide.

Hidden within this comic are clues that readers can follow from the comic into the game and back, unlocking new storylines and a special Final Boss battle in their quest for the most powerful artifact in all of Beor.

Stay tuned for more news regarding this new partnership and comic series!

LOGLINE: A hard-boiled fantasy detective teams up with an idealistic young necromancer to rescue a kidnapped centaur.

SYNOPSIS: Episode 1: Angel is a Centaur Foal. Hard-boiled detective Victor Marshall finds himself partnered with idealistic young necromancer Emilia Mortalis and her crew of undead animal pals to investigate the disappearance of a young centaur in this official adaptation of the video game Epic Tavern.


Writer - Shawn French ("Epic Tavern" "Escape from Jesus Island")

Artist - Steve Mardo ("Murder Hobo")

Colorist - Steve Lavigne ("Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles")


"Scout and their Black Caravan imprint are the perfect partners for introducing our Epic Tavern story world and characters to a whole new audience. It's rare for a writer to get to adapt their own work into another medium. Usually, you're handing it off and making a million compromises in the process. Instead, we get to pick through hundreds of Epic Tavern quests and characters, and combine our very favorites into a new comic adventure."