It did not seem like it was that long ago that most collectors frowned up late printings. How times have changed! The late printing collecting game is changing very quickly but there are still some books out there that people are not hunting. Here are five more late printings that I have got my eye on currently you can find my other articles here here and here.

Young Avengers

Young Avengers #1 – Director’s Cut
This book is important for several marquee first appearances that are likely to grow in significance as time passes. Retailers ordered the first printing to the tune of 100,000 copies. The Director’s Cut came out the following month and retailers ordered of less than 20,000 copies. This book also has an additional 25 pages of content not in the first print. Collectors have largely overlooked Director’s Cuts as late printings have become central to the hobby. Ignored areas of the market are my favorite places to look for hidden gems!

Guest Spider

Ghost Spider #1 – 2nd Print
This book first caught my eye due to the cover. I did not realize it was a late printing at the time. It is extremely captivating. This book could become quite collectible as retailers ordered less than 3,000 copies. I expect collectors to chase rare Spider-Gwen and Miles Morales books for a very long time. GoCollect does not have this book in their database.

Something is Killing the Children

Something is Killing the Children – 6th Print 
James Tynion’s independent masterpiece is a series you should check out if you haven’t already. Erica Slaughter is an extremely cool character who will undoubtedly get a TV show sooner than later.  I simply love the cover and how haunting it is. It sums up the tone of series like few covers can. The coloring is perfect. The fourth printing is another late printing of this book that is certainly worth keeping an eye open for. The sixth print had approximately 1,200 copies ordered by retailers and the fourth had approximately 5,800. GoCollect does not have this book in their database.


Ironheart #1 – 2nd Print
This book is really tough to find. The second printing came out in January 2019. Based on Comichron’s data for sales that month this book had less than 1,000 copies ordered by retailers. Ironheart was not a heavily ordered book as #2 also came out in January and had just 17,500 issues ordered by retailers. If you find this one, do not let it go! This is another book that does not show up in GoCollect's database.


Champions #1 – 2nd Print
It is no mystery that I love Champions. They have a new #1 coming out in October tied to the Outlawed storyline. Given the heat that is building around Marvel’s young heroes, I expect back issues of Champions to continue to keep heating up. The first print of this book had a massive print run of about 335,000, making it the 4th best selling book in 2016. This second print was extremely under ordered given the large print run of the first print. It is hard to pinpoint what the order level was because the book came out the month after the first print and Comichron does not distinguish between reorders of the first print and orders for the second print. 

There is a craze building for modern late printings. The print runs of these Thor and Venom late printings may very likely be in the tens of thousands rather than the relatively small numbers for the books we are talking about here. Keep that in mind when you think about investing your hard-earned dollars. Thanks for reading.


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