Are you looking to start collecting video games in the new year? Perhaps you already are a video game collector. Atari video games are always a great investment. The Atari is a classic console that has room for growth, here are some smart video game investments for the much-loved console.

Introduced in 1977, the Atari 2600 is the console that started the video game boom. Bringing big-name arcade hits into the home was Atari's game, and no one did it better. While it may not hold the collectability of some of the 3rd generation consoles that we have looked at in the past, there is a lot of room for growth with the Atari. Let's take a trip in the Wayback Machine and look at five smart video game investments for the Atari 2600.


1. Pepsi Invaders

This ridiculous promotional game was distributed by Coca-Cola salesmen, and rarity gives this game its high investment potential. Only 125 copies of the game were created so you can expect this game to sell. It has a strong sales history and consistently fetches over $1000! Don't pass this one up if you see it in the attic and any condition might hold value with such a rare item. 





2. Sword Quest: Waterworld

This fantasy puzzle game holds value in and out of the box. An early RPG game, players would wander through a series of maze-like rooms, collecting items as they went. An out of box copy in good shape can fetch well over $100 with a value range up to $700 new in the box. A complete set that is not new lands in the $500 range. This is a solid investment in a game series that saw three releases on the Atari 2600.





3. Mario Bros.

I had to mention Mario Bros., because before he was dominating Goombas and the market, Mario can thank Atari for introducing his brand to folks around the world. This, is, of course, the version of Mario where Donkey Kong is the villain and not the hero as later occurs. You will want a new in the box or complete version of this game as that is where the value is. A loose copy may only fetch around $15, but a new game can go for as much as $800.




4. Party Mix

This game is a safe, steady investment. There is not much difference between the ceiling and the floor when it comes to value, but both are solid. This multiplayer game collection has a steady sales history and loose versions fetch around $100 with a new in box grabbing $200. Though not a goldmine, Party Mix's steady performance makes it a sound investment.





5. Texas Chainsaw Massacre

With the name recognition of a popular horror movie behind it, this game is a must purchase if you see it out in the wilds. A loose game will grab in the $200 range and complete can sell for over $500! There is no record for a new in the box item, but there is a good chance it would sell for a hefty amount.





Two Smart Honorable Mentions:

Highest Loose Value: Air Raid @ $2,000+

Highest New in Box Value: Music Machine @ $5,500+

Both of these are honorable mentions due to their skimpy sales history. It is hard to know if their value is stable, so buyer beware. 

Smart Video Game Investments, but Buyer Beware

Investment opportunities with Atari games do come with a little more risk than more recent consoles. As a console whose reign was primarily in the 1970s, the value is more tied to historic significance than brand strength. There is no Sonic or Super Mario to guarantee interest. This can also be viewed as a strength in the fact that the Atari is a part of video game history. At over 40 years old, it is also becoming more and more difficult to find cartridges in mint condition. If the market continues to boom, then these five smart video game investments could hold some real value. 


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