Haunt #4Media Release -- Todd McFarlane and Robert's Kirkman's runaway hit comic, Haunt, has been breaking sales records left and right. Issue #4 of the popular comic released this past Wednesday, January 6th, to strong numbers. "I continue to be surprised by the ongoing support of our new readership on Haunt," co-creator McFarlane states. "When most titles begin to lose some of their initial momentum, Haunt seems to be defying some of these basic concepts. Month in and month out, strong orders continue to pour in, making this book one of the bigger successes in recent years."

In issue four the agency Kurt worked for accepts Daniel as one of their own, based on the rare circumstances. Kurt's widow, Amanda, is evacuated to a protection program, but is intercepted en route by another group of individuals with negative intentions. We also reveal Shillinger's research into extending human life was less than humanitarian, and many are on the hunt for the valuable information contained in his notebook. A mysterious woman is willing to sell it -- but at what cost?

If you haven't picked up your copy of #4, or missed an issue, find a local comic shop in your area at www.comicshoplocator.com. Reprints for Haunt #1, Haunt #2, and Haunt #3 are still available.

Next month, the conclusion to the first story arc hits shelves in Haunt #5. Don't miss out on the monumental release everyone is talking about!