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Batman #28Batman #28
DC Comics
Snyder, Tynion IV, Nguyen & Fridolfs

Greg Capullo gets an issue off and as a result we get an issue that is a preview for another series in this month's Batman. Although the editorial decision to take the top selling book and swap out the normal contents with a preview issue for the Batman Eternal series might seem like it's a good idea it's the classic bait and switch and is a fairly shallow tactic. The contents of this comic are fair enough. Nothing terribly exciting (except the huge New 52 debut on the last page) and nothing really groundbreaking. It's just your typical Batman comic book with some decent moments and good art. This is definitely an issue to skip unless you are a huge fan of the character that appears on the final page.

Batman and his new sidekick infiltrate some corner of the Gotham underworld in this issue. It's the usual trickery that gets Batman into a place where he shouldn't have access to with numbers that overwhelm him. After the dust clears we learn that this near future Gotham is in dire straits and this is Batman's plea to Catwoman for help. Their relationship has apparently soured in recent times and this leads to a bit of a problem for Batman.

There is an aspect to like in this book and that is his new sidekick. While this has been in the works since Robin died we finally get a glimpse of the character in action. It's not entirely fitting but it works well enough in this issue. The general setup still smells too much like Frank Miller's Dark Knight, but there is enough separation from that story to make it work.

Brandon Borzelli's Geek Goggle Reviews
The artwork is very sleek. It's a big departure from Capullo's style and that isn't a bad thing. The rendition of Selina is fantastic. She appears to be sophisticated, mature, evil and stylish all at the same time. The pencils are very deliberate but slight in a Darwyn Cooke kind of way. I liked the art in the issue even if Batman appears to be dwarfed on panel by so many of the other characters.

Why DC didn't just make this a flipbook with the regular Year Zero storyline I have no idea. To completely remove the Year Zero story that's been running in this series for months is a cheap move. The contents are good and I think some of the fans will be thrilled but there isn't enough in this issue to make me want to run out and buy Batman Eternals. This is a decent read but if you are looking for that groundbreaking level of Batman storytelling you normally get in this comic series then skip this issue.

3 out of 5 Geek Goggles