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Batman Superman #1Batman Superman #1
DC Comics
Pak, Lee, Oliver

I'm a huge fan of Greg Pak's work. His ability to weave a tale that is strong in plot and in character execution is well established. Giving him the two icons of the DC Universe sounds like a fantastic idea. The challenge for Pak is overcoming the odd continuity reboot that DC has established and giving Superman a purpose, a character that DC simply can't find a direction for. This first issue doesn't wash away all of the worries that comes with a book like this, but it does provide a compelling story. This is a good start to the book and I am curious to see where Pak takes this in the coming months.

The book opens with a very strong interaction between Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne. We are led to believe that this is their first meeting and it may very well be even if it feels like we are reading an alternate universe. The book also establishes immediately that there will be duel narration, which wasn't unexpected but it is welcome.

From there we find Batman in Metropolis hunting down Catwoman of all characters. Superman intervenes and the pair sizes each other up with interesting results. The plot is revealed with Catwoman's reactions as the reader begins to understand there is a supernatural element at work here. The book ends with a very bizarre, science fiction twist that pushes this book into a mystery for the coming issues.

As I mentioned the plot is a good one. Pak cooks up a mystery that not only confuses the characters but also the reader. We simply don't know the answers to so many questions but it is put down in a way that the curious is going to come back for more to find out the answers.

Brandon Borzelli's Geek Goggle ReviewsThe artwork is good but it is definitely an acquired taste. Lee has a tendency to not draw eyes and he likes to have the characters appear depressed or even in a state of constant anger. It's a lovely book but you need to know what you are getting into because it is simply not like any other super hero book out there. The real disappointment here is that there is already a fill-in artist to finish the final eight pages. Whatever the reason this does not bode well for the book if this becomes the norm for the series.

I was hoping for a great plot and some character definitions in this book. Instead Pak sort of establishes what the character's origins are and how they stand in the DCU now, which is fine but it doesn't put a personality on them. However, Pak brings a nice mystery and there seems to be a great plot cooking up for future issues. I am definitely interested in where this is heading. This is a good start.

3 out of 5 Geek Goggles