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Clone #1Clone #1
Image Comics
Schulner, Rup, Serrano

Clone, on the surface, seems like a book that's been done a hundred times over. A regular guy runs into a clone of himself and the clone seems to have some shady characters chasing after him with some level of espionage creeping its way into the story. However, this book managed to grab my attention because it doesn't lay out exactly what the plot is. The opening issue is simply an introduction to the "regular guy" along with a lot of chaos. It's enough to get me back for a second issue and that's all you can ask for in an opening issue.

The "regular guy", Luke, is struggling with some personal issues as his wife embarks in her final month of pregnancy with their first child. Their relationship and the groundwork done here to define the characters is very realistic and done very well. This aspect of the book helped to draw me in, interest wise.

While Luke goes about his life, various look-alikes show up in various places, including bleeding out on his kitchen floor. The book promises to provide a complicated story where the normal folks may or may not be what they seem. At some point the unborn baby will play some role in this that will help to complicate the story that much more. I like it.

The book is good because I was guessing throughout. I liked that when I put it down I was wondering if Luke was really a Clone and not a regular guy. I also liked that his wife proves to be a strong character and not just a pregnant, damsel in distress. These elements help to put the comic in a higher classification.

Brandon Borzelli's Geek Goggle ReviewsThe artwork finished extremely strong and really matched the tension filled ending. The panels were greatly detailed and extremely realistic. The book excels at the sexy and energetic portrayal of Luke's wife. Another area that I particularly liked was the visual of the character bleeding, while being "operated" on. It was a very chilling visual, but not overly graphic. The book struggled in the opening sequences as the anatomy of the characters involved in the chase sequence seemed off in a number of panels. Overall the book was very strong visually over the second two-thirds of the book.

Clone has a lot of promise. The opening issue establishes a couple of characters very nicely and introduces a very fast paced plot. The book's direction of the characters is still a bit of mystery but that isn't a bad thing at this junction. I definitely enjoyed this read and recommend giving this a try. I plan to stop back in for a second issue.

4 out of 5 Geek Goggles