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Comeback #1Comeback #1
Image Comics
Brisson, Walsh & Bellaire

Comeback brings an interesting concept to light in this opening issue. The book introduces the premise and sets some of the characters in one direction while we seem to be following others in a separate direction. I enjoyed the book and while understanding that it's just the opening to a mini-series, I didn't find a lot to hook me in for the duration. This book is worth checking out though.

The idea behind the book is that there is a way for a company to help people save their loved ones from untimely deaths. You might expect the book to be heavy on the time travel, but it actually isn't, at least in this issue. It seems that this group will leap the individual in danger of dying ahead in time, but only briefly. This, while, the organization sets everything up to make it appear like the character still died. Essentially the character that survives the sure-death scenario via their intervention now must live a new life.

It's a complicated idea and not one I expected even after reading the solicitation. I think the book opens itself up to some very interesting potential depending on how the book gets executed in the future issues.

The aspect of the book I wasn't thrilled with was the characters. The book kind of dances around a few characters and none of them seem terribly distinct or even very interesting. Obviously that will change as the mini-series moves along, but I need something to grab in this, the opening issue and didn't find it.

Brandon Borzelli's Geek Goggle ReviewsThe artwork was competent but didn't really provide the extra push that this slower, opening issue needed. There is definitely that noir style, similar to Criminal, that you might expect and that works very well here. However, the issue really doesn't give the characters the life that could have helped separate the seemingly similar personalities that the characters appear to share. Generally, a good but not great visual story.

Comeback is a very intriguing idea. Obviously written for the collected edition, the opening issue struggles to establish the characters as well as the premise. Where it excels in one, it falls a little short in the other. I think the book could end up being great, but this issue provides a slower start. This is one to keep you eye on even if you don't pick up the opening issue.

3 out of 5 Geek Goggles