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Dead Body Road #1Dead Body Road #1
Image Comics
Jordan, Scalera & Dinisio

When I first read this issue my first thought was that this comic was trying to be too clever with the heist-gone-wrong. However, after reading the book a second time I saw the book in a different light. Instead I found the comic to have a lot of characteristics of a classic Parker book (noteworthy that the latest adaptation is also out this week) where the lead character is forcing the world around him to conform to his vision of how the world should work. While the plot may seem like a simple revenge story, the characters make this something more. Great ones like this come far and few between. I recommend picking this up.

The construction of the book is one of the challenges upon a first read through. It's not entirely clear if the sequences are in order, out of order or just nested flashbacks. However, it appears the scenes are happening basically simultaneously which makes the book a bit more exciting because the tension is raised slightly.

The comic book centers around a man named Orson. Orson lost his wife in a robbery that turned ugly. Orson is out for revenge but the complication is his ties to law enforcement. However, his will is set in stone. He gets a lead on one of the gang members and the comic book starts.

As you might expect from robberies gone wrong, the gang begins to crack amongst each other and some of the characters begin to capture and torture others trying to gain information or the loot. Orson arrives in the middle of one such showdown. He's just in time to get some names and information.

The best part of the book is how each scene evolves in a short amount of space but allows the scenarios to play out naturally enough. The comic juggles the action, plot and character definition extremely well. These are hardened characters in a story that can go any number of ways and this issue helps to establish many of the players and their motivations instantly.

Brandon Borzelli's Geek Goggle ReviewsThe artwork is great but it is also the source of my initial confusion. The comic has a sketch-like feel to many of the panels and characters, just as many noir comics do. Two of the characters appear too similar initially making the scenes appear to involve the same character when in fact they do not. However, the general look and feel of the comic book is perfect for this story. This book just looks tough which is exactly what I would expect.

Dead Body Road rockets out of the gate with a great issue. We have a good plot, deeply defined characters and some grizzled artwork to put together the perfect crime-gone-wrong/revenge story. I am waiting for the second issue in hopes of more action, death, torture and backstabbing. This is a great book.

4.5 out of 5 Geek Goggles