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Muppet Peter Pan #3Muppet Peter Pan #3 of 4
BOOM! Studios
Randolph & Mebberson

The story of Peter Pan gets a little bit more complex in the latest Muppet Peter Pan issue. With Wendy missing and Hook pursing Peter and company while they are searching for Wendy you have some interesting possibilities for this issue. With just one issue left in this mini series you might guess that Hook finds Wendy and holds her captive for the finale or maybe that Peter gets captured and it will be up to Wendy to rescue him. Well, you would be wrong on both accounts. This issue throws the whole story in an unpredictable and hysterical direction. As the story gets pushed into overdrive the cast of characters is almost at full Muppet tilt. This comic has everything you could want in a Muppet story.

Brandon Borzelli's Geek Goggle ReviewsWendy is found by Animal and he brings her to the band. Dr Teeth and all the rest embrace Wendy as the savior. You see, the band is terrible and there is a prophecy about someone showing up much in the same way Wendy did and looking a lot like Wendy. She picks up a guitar and is a natural. Teeth fills her in on all she needs to know about the hippie philosophy and their campsite and she seems content. However, she is a little miffed that Piggydust shows up looking for her but not Peter Pan or her brothers.

Eventually Wendy finds Peter Pan and the lost boys and lets Peter have it. She exposes him as a liar and as someone who is just too childish to be around. Peter is crushed and he turns to Piggydust for sympathy, but Piggy was ambushed. Was it by Hook? Well, he seems to be in with Wendy nowadays, so what's going on here anyway? You will have to pick up the issue to read about the twists going on in this story.

Tremendous issue. It makes use of the massive cast very well. The story departs enough from the usual Peter Pan story to keep the entire comic feeling fresh. The characters all seem to inherit enough of the their actor's personalities to make them feel familiar and so that they retain their charm. Perhaps the best characterization was that of Sam the Eagle. I don't believe I've ever seen Sam be so Sam as in this entire mini series. The voice and character is nailed in this series. I was also amazed at how easily the new characters were rolled out in this issue and are each given just enough space to breath and let their presence be known. I was equally impressed with the character's depictions in the art department.

The whole comic uses a very bright color palette with some incredible costume designs. All of the Muppets look spot as if they exploded out of the movies or their TV show. There are plenty of facial expressions that also hold true to the actors. None was more realistic than Kermit's tucking his upper lip under his lower one when he's baffled about something. The comic delivers so well on every level in the art department.

The finale promises to be a classic as all of the Muppets have been placed into position for a great confrontation. This issue introduces most of the rest of the missing Muppets while moving the story into unfamiliar Peter Pan territory. The comic moves quickly and tells a great story. This comic is funny, smart, beautiful and terrific read for any Muppet fan, young and old. I definitely recommend it.

4 out of 5 geek goggles